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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Ep. 5: Girls Gone Ojai’ld

Written by: Mr. Housewife
The Beverly Hills ladies begin the episode at the dinner in Ojai. Kim and Brandi speak about the rough encounters from past seasons. Kim expresses to Brandi that she was really hurt by her comments last season. Brandi understands and apologizes. At this time, Kim begins to cry and Adrienne calls attention to it. Immediately, Brandi gets defensive and tells Adrienne to shut the eff up. Kim walks off to the restroom and Brandi accompanies her. It is a heartwarming scene when Brandi walks with her! I loved it!

Meanwhile the ladies are in the restroom, Kyle open discusses about what transpired. She tells Lisa that Brandi’s comments were uncalled for and rude. Lisa defends Brandi but is slammed by Kyle. Kyle believes that she was inappropriate and Lisa believes that that is just the way Brandi communicates.  Everyone, except Lisa, attack Brandi. Back in the restroom, Kim breaks down in Brandi’s arms because she is baffled at Brandi’s crystal meth comment. Lisa makes her way to the restroom to talk to Brandi and tell her she needs to apologize. Brandi reluctantly apologizes at the table and brings up her book deal. The ladies said congratulations very unwillingly. Taylor tries to meditate and Brandi quickly catches on to her sarcastic meditating. It seems as though Taylor is upset that Brandi has a book coming book because Brandi trashed Taylor on her book. Yolanda is baffled as to why the women are arguing over past drama in a very uncivilized manner. Obviously, Yolanda has a lot to learn.
The ladies meet over for breakfast because they are going out on a day of outdoor activities. The ladies discuss Camille’s boyfriend and the possibility of marriage. Lisa has a pep talk to Brandi about her choice of words and advises her to not be vulgar as to not provide “ammunition” to the women. They all hop onto golf carts and head over to the fields. OMG! The golf cart race was so funny!! Yolanda and Lisa were drivers and I swear they almost flipped over! They arrive to their destination, Yolanda being the winner, and they play a game of badminton. After, they enter the mud spa where another fight ensues. Oh don’t worry, this was a playful one. They throw rags, ice, and water at each other.
They soon have dinner and enjoy a night of drinking. Yolanda tells the ladies that she injects cells of an unborn fetus of a lamb into her back to alleviate pain. The ladies head on inside and drink the night away. Yolanda and Kim do not join in the drunken fest because they cannot drink. The remainder of the girls go upstairs for some laughs, wrestling, cartwheels, arm wrestling, and ass. The next morning, Kyle and Kim have coffee and are soon met up with Yolanda in the kitchen. Yolanda voices her disapproval of drunk women (which is everyone at that point). They all begin to pack because it is time to go home! While in the limo ride back home, Brandi’s comment was brought up. Kyle said that her comment was not nice and she should have rephrased it. Adrienne contends that she did not do it intentionally to call attention to Kim and Brandi said she did because she said it many times. Brandi wonders why they have become so estranged and feels that she should speak to Adrienne very fast to salvage their conversation. Given the previews, they do talk BUT things do get worse. #RHOBH is getting better and better. Next week, Paul calls Brandi a piece of shit! Wow!
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