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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 7: I Do...But, I Won't

The Work of the Black Angel in White
Welcome back everyone!! We kick off our RHOA episode with the infamous Kenya question to Phaedra about Apollo “if you had to pick two of your friends.” Apollo put his head down and said nothing on the matter and laughed it off. Phaedra did not take the “joke” so lightly. Clearly, she was angered and rightfully so.

Kenya is so disrespectful and not mindful of boundaries. She clearly is flirting with Apollo, WITH WALTER THERE, and she does not care. The ladies begin to suspect that Kenya’s and Walter’s relationship seems off.  Cynthia and Porsha have a moment together and Porsha tells Cynthia that Kenya was dancing on Peter. She did a drop and a booty shake on him. Cynthia decides to let it go because it was all in good fun. The group heads over to dinner and Peter pulls the guys away. He lets them know that he will have a vowel renewal for him and Cynthia. Peter has taken a liking to the men and wants them to be a part of the ceremony.

Walter pulls Kenya away and they go for a walk. Kenya immediately thinks that this has something to do with the much sought after proposal she has been after.  The ladies talk about Walter and Kenya when they leave. They bring up the fact that Kenya has flirted with several men while on the trip. Meanwhile, back to Walter and Kenya, Walter tells Kenya that Peter wants to renew his vowels. Kenya, expecting a proposal, is disappointed at the news. Her face displays her frustration and impatience. The two head off to bed and call it a night.
Next morning, the ladies get ready for the vowel renewal white party that is planned by Peter. They soon get a professional massage. The conversations range from boyfriends, weddings, and pretentious weddings. Nene is honest and says that Kenya and Walter don’t really look like a couple. Kenya defends herself and she says that she and Walter talk about marriage all the time! What an effen liar! Why does she have to put on appearances?? I have concluded that everything about her is fake!
Massages are over so the ladies head over to the “white party.” Cynthia is unsuspecting of the ceremony. After the bus, they get on the boat and arrive to an intimate place. Peter has covered the beach in white decorations and a little aisle. Cynthia arrives to the island and puts the puzzle together. She is thrilled to see that Peter went to such great lengths to set everything up. It becomes an emotional display of affection. The two re-newlyweds exchange kisses. Cynthia throws her bouquet and who else catches it than Nene Leakes! The group then lights white miniature hot air balloons for good luck and set them free on the beach. I have always wanted to do this! This is so serene, calming, and romantic.
 Night has fallen and the ladies are relaxing by the fire and talking about past drama. Porsha bring s up the fact that Kenya is being nice to her. Nene asks what went wrong. Porsha explains everything and tells Kenya she is not bigger than life like she portrays herself to be. Kenya immediately gets in Porsha’s face and tells her she is a non-mutheffen factor! The OG’s sit back and listen to the arguing but looked bored. Leave it to the newbies to take over right? The ladies step in and try to mediate the situation. Cynthia tries to talk to Porsha while Nene tries to grab a hold of Kenya. Insults are hurled left and right about Porsha’s grandfather’s legacy. Porsha tells her that she is not above anyone and she is trying to relive her glory days. All the ladies are trying to hold back the lunatic from doing more harm. When analyzing this situation, Kenya started everything. Porsha was merely expressing her feelings on the matter and Kenya just went ballistic. I am surprised that none of the men heard all the arguing! The final part of the Anguilla trilogy continues next week. Looks like Walter blows the lid on Kenya’s engagement stories! Good! Set that woman straight!

by: Mr. Housewife
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