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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Ep. 5: No Excuse for Excuses

Bullshit Bullshit and more Bullshit!! We begin the #RHOA episode with the Kim eating with the girls. They talk about their move back to the townhouse because they are no longer living in her “dream” home. Kim refers to the house as the “shit house” even though we know she is just lying to try to save face. The discussion leads to her daughters talking to their mother about birth control. That is some advice that Kim should take.

Next, Phaedra and Apollo have a double date with Kenya and her man. She immediately takes a liking to him and starts to flirt with him. She compliments his shades and his muscles. I found this kind of rude because that is Phaedra’s man and Kenya’s man was right next to her! I would have left if my significant other was flirting right in front of me. They speak about the production of Phaedra’s work out belt and the scene ends with the four of them racing on go karts.
Nene and Greg visit Cynthia and Peter. They socialize and have a good time. Cynthia is happy to see Greg back in Nene’s life! The girl’s trip is brought up and Cynthia and Nene discuss the possibility of bringing their men for a couple’s trip. Peter confides in Nene that he wants to have vowel renewal when they are in Anguilla. He wants to do so because he would like to start fresh given what happened with Cynthia’s sister and mother with the marriage certificate.
Porsha invites us into her personal life and we learn that she did have trouble conceiving a child. She goes to the doctor to check her lady parts. She wants to have 4 kids but wants two sets of twins. As the doctor put it, “this isn’t a drive thru for babies.” I think that it’s cute that Porsha wants to have kids but I don’t think it’s cute that she is a little airhead!! Lol my goodness!!
After that Cynthia and Nene go visit Porsha at her house to talk about contributing to her charity. Nene and Cynthia both agree. Porsha makes it very clear that it's is 265 days out of the year lol. The conversation turns to Kenya when Porsha brings her up. Cynthia feels validated that someone shares her views on Kenya. The ladies click with Porsha and like her.
The ladies soon go to lunch to discuss the trip. Cynthia and Phaedra talk about the phone call. Phaedra talks about the phone call and brings flowers to Cynthia. I think this is amazing of Phaedra to do. This really shows her character. Kandi arrives and tells the ladies that she invites Kenya. Kenya arrives to the lunch but she is not invited to the trip. Kenya talks about going if she is invited but Cynthia does not budge. Kenya invites herself.  Kim arrives and immediately it sparks trouble. The ladies ask her about the trip and she brushes it off very calmly. She slowly lets the girls know that she is not going. Her excuses range from her pregnancy to Kroy not being able to go. They toast to Anguila and the excuses start pouring out. Breastfeeding, football camp, cervix problems, due dates, 30-32 weeks, kid’s ages are brought up. After that, the ladies become upset when Kim says she is going on her own vacation the same weekend the girls are going on their vacation. Come on, this was planned. She knew she wasn’t going. She led the girls to believe that she had every intention in going. She then tried to say she never confirmed the dates. I was surprised that Nene spoke to her! She tried to reason with her and be the bigger person. Nene spoke nothing but truth and Kim couldn’t take it. She walked off, took off her mic and assaulted a cameraman. This is ridiculous!! Kim is so full of it!! I have said this time and time again. When your friends turn on you, when your parents stop talking to you, and when you have problems with your landlord, you are the problem not them!

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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