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Fashion Fridays: 'Dublin Wives' Edition

Written by: Hannah Cook
Hey dolls! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season. Such an exciting time of year! This week we feature the amazing Dublin Housewives. They all have incredible wardrobes and each have a specific type of style, which is awesome and fun to look at when you want to switch something up with an ensemble. Let us know which housewife's style you best model!

Roz Flanagan has the style I want! I love her glitzy top, obsess over her cropped black skinny jeans and adore her gorge black and nude heels. I die! Hopefully I can get in contact with her so she can help me with my wardrobe. Adore!
Jo Jordan is rocking what every girl wishes they could secretly work. You either get the girls who don't do enough or the girls that try to hard while trying to accomplish that inner rock 'n' roll chick. Jo scores with a simple, printed top, black jeans, boots and the perfect touch of jewelry.
Lisa Murphy is Dublin's little Barbie. She looks flawless in her detailed white sweater (which I want!) and her fantastic and flirty bright pants OMG! Seriously an Elle Woods moment here... I want those too!) I honestly need this ensemble for my next fashion event. Look how flawless she is! So maj!

Dr. Danielle Meagher is that hot, bad ass who is ready to take you on. She goes all black with a sassy bandeau underneath her blazer and some fiery studded boots. She takes the rebel look down a notch while adding a touch of good girl with her sleek bun and diamond earrings. Meow!

Virginia Macari is seriously a spitting image of Salma Hayek. They must be twins! Looking devilishly sexy in this delicious red dress, she models a side part and soft waves, beautiful earrings, fun bangles and her most provocative expression ever. Her husband is one lucky guy!

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