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RHOM Recap - Bras and Brawls Part I & II

Lingerie and Cat Fights Part I and II.
These duo episodes were explosive. Lisa holds an a charity events to gain awareness for Breast Cancer. The ladies and men have to wear their sexiest bed time wear to the party. The ladies of our beloved Miami wear very revealing dresses that brought about occasional nip slips. The party begins wonderfully with Joanna and Karent greeting Lisa at their event.  Lea walks in with James and a fellow controversial guest. She brings along Joe Francis, the creator of Girls Gone Wild, who apparently and allegedly has a past with the Krupa sisters.

Joanna and Romain quickly become displeased with his presence and move places. Marysol arrives to the party and Joanna becomes extremely upset when she sees that Marysol is wearing fur. I understand Joanna’s feelings BUT I do not see how someone will have to accommodate their style to please someone else.  In this case, Joanna has every right to be upset at the fur but not go so far as to say that she should not wear it around her. Karent catches wind of this and goes up to Marysol and notifies her that Joanna is upset. While Karent and Marysol are talking, JF comes up to the ladies along with Lea and proclaims that he has conquered both Krupa sisters. Karent, shocked, takes JF to Joanna and tells Joanna and Romain what was just said. Joanna erupts in anger and calls him a sicko, to put it nicely. I mean the gall of this guy to say that he “slept” with Joanna in front of Romain. He is so past disrespectful!! Romain should have clocked him right in the face! Back on Marysol’s side, Marysol is annoyed that everyone is fighting because she feels that Karent, the carrier pigeon, is at fault for starting everything. Joanna tells Marta about what JF said and she laughs it off. Joanna is surprised when Marta says “I don’t want to talk about it.”
Adrianna arrives to the party and she arrives with a chip on her shoulder. She is still upset at Karent because of what she said in an article. She informed all the ladies of the magazine and plans to confront her at the party. When Marysol informs Adrianna of everything Karent stirred up that night, it just gives her more ammo. Karent also brings her friend, Beau,  to the party who has previously been snubbed by Lea. He confronts Lea and Lea tries to diffuse him. James steps in and goes toe to toe with Beau. James threw a drink at him at threw him in the pool. Lisa runs out and tries to mediate the situation. Beau slams Lisa’s phone in the pool and she erupts in anger. She tells them both off because the music was ruined when Beau was thrown in the pool. Elaine was wrong to do that because you just don’t do that! It was a pretty stupid move. Lisa said that she spent 20,000 dollars on the party and I believe James needs to cough up some money to cover his mistakes.
The ladies go inside and this is where Adrianna tries to confront Karent about the article. Joanna casually walks up and asks what is going on. Adrianna rudely tells Joanna to butt off. I think this is extremely hypocritical. When she spoke to Karent at Alexia’s event, she did not oppose to her coming up to her. Another fight erupts and accusations are flung. Romain tries to defend Joanna and pull her away. Both ladies are restrained and Joanna tries to pull through. Adrianna walks away and Joanna follows in pursuit. Adrianna turns around and slaps Joanna. Both ladies grasp onto each other and have to be pried apart. Adrianna aims for the broom and that is taken away. Everyone is ruffled and shocked to say the least! The party ends with an eerie feeling and friendships beginning to divide.
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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