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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 10: A Better or Bitter Place

The drama continues on RHOM and I think we are dwindling down to the last 5 episodes. I asked Joanna and she confirmed that there are 5 episodes left. So brace yourself, hold on to your weaves, and watch RHOM.  This week the ladies are still feeling the after effects of the Lingerie party blow out. Joana decides to let off some steam and joins in the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament to raise money for charity. Karent and Lisa accompany Joanna to cheer her on on the sidelines.
Joanna tells the girls that Romain and she are still not speaking. Joanna says that Romain avoids her and does not reply to her texts. She did invite him to the tournament and she waits to see if he arrives. When the game is over, Romain arrives to the benches where the girls were sitting. Joanna feels butterflies in her stomach which is so cute. There two are a perfect couple and it is very obvious that they love each other and will work through things.

We are taken to Ana who is packing her office because she is moving to another location. She is having a hard time with the move because it is a definitely life changing event. I don’t believe that she still loves her ex-husband, it is just the fact that it is a complete change to what you have known for the past 20 years. I definitely understand her because when I left my first job, where I worked for three years, I cried for like a week. It was something that I had to do, but that did not mean I was not going to be upset.

Joanna and Romain sit on the beach to speak about prior events. Romain has no more patience and tells Joanna that she should not have engaged in the fight when he was trying to protect her. The two settle their differences but under one condition. Joanna is not allowed to drink when she is out with Romain. I think that is a great comprise. These two lovebirds are in a happy place again!

Lisa visits Karent’s home to have much needed girl time. Lisa confides in Karent that she has not, up to now, been able to conceive a child. She tells Karent that she has had 3 miscarriages and she feels very disappointed and would want nothing more than to have a child. She really loves Karent and sees her a mother figure. Karent comforts Lisa and the two imagine themselves pregnant at the same time.

Meanwhile, back at Lea’s house things are not so happy. She received news that Leroy is regressing in his recovery and might not make it. How terrible and sad. Once again, animal stories make me cry. Lea heads to the hospital.

Lisa takes Daysy to Lenny for a consultation. Daysy has already had two liposuction surgeries and a breast lift. She is crazy!! Isn’t it a sin for a pastor to be vain? Plastic surgery is vanity at its best so I don’t know! Back at Lea’s house, we learn that Leroy will have a little ceremony. That is simply beautiful and it is a great way to honor the memory of your doggy. There are frames, flowers, and his ashes.  The ceremony goes great; Lea and Adriana both say wonderful words about Leroy.

For the last leg of the episode, the ladies meet at Alexia’s house to hash out all their problems with each other and to move forward. When Karent arrives, Marysol and Adriana have a bad demeanor about them and do not full heartedly welcome Karent when she arrives. When Joanna arrives Alexia and Adriana show very immature behavior when she walks in. Right off the bat, Marysol tells Karent that she was unhappy about the article. When Karent tries to defend herself, she is quickly shut down because she is not allowed to speak. Joanna comes to her defense but it does not do much because all the ladies are still speaking. They all blame Karent for the drama they all had. Adriana throws a jab at Karent about her smile and Joanna defends her once again. Alexia swings back and tells Joanna that it isn’t about her and promptly reminds Joanna what she “did” to Adrianna.  It seems to me that the dinner was not made to fix anything, it was held to make it easier to blame certain people. Joanna and Adrianna go at it once again and Joanna apologizes for talking crap to Adriana. From my point of view, Adrianna throws in a half ass apology to Joanna and then decides to leave. From the looks of it, nothing was resolves. Instead, Alexia took an eggbeater and stirs everything even more. The episode ends at the end of the dinner. Things are getting fiery in Miami. Next week looks like another dinner from hell where everyone gets involved.  You can’t miss it!

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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