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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Ep. 1: Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills

Return to Beverly Hills

After months of waiting, the Beverly Hills moment has arrived. With 7 women on the scene, we can expect major fireworks! Like past seasons, we begin the new season of Beverly Hills with Lisa. She has moved houses and now lives in a more beautiful home!! If that is even possible!! Her house is practically all glass and white! Brandi goes and visits Lisa.

We begin to see how friendships have strengthened over the break which is evident in Lisa and Brandi. Brandi buys Lisa bedroom sex tools for some sex with Ken! Ken, of course, gets a pistol full of tequila to use before the dominatrix take over. Lisa and Brandi speak about the Villa Blanca party and Adrienne is on the banned list!

Kyle! Oh Kyle!! Mauricio buys a Maserat for you and not mei! Sad! Lol It is a dark grey convertible Maserati! We change gears and we accompany Paul and Adrienne to dinner. Taylor calls Adrienne about accompanying her for shopping. Adrienne wondered for what occasion and Taylor notified her for Lisa’s villa Blanca party. She is shocked to learn that Lisa is having a party and did not invite her. Adrienne believes this to be embarrassing and if it was Lisa’s intention to do so, Adrienne thinks it is pretty shitty.

We are introduced to the new housewife, Yolanda. She is a former super model that is married to David Foster. Her house is just as beautiful as Lisa’s. She designed her own home! Go figure! She has 3 children which she treasures. Yolanda is a romantic at heart; she does not require diamonds but love letters! This is a fantastic idea! How simple! Yolanda loves to read love notes. This is a very cute way to keep the sparks in the marriage alive! Soon after, Kim visits her sister Kathy Hilton because Kim’s daughter wants a dress for the prom. I have to say, it is really lovely to see all three Richards sisters. I think it would be interesting to have Kathy on RHOBH. However I have to agree with my followers, it is a disaster waiting to happen (hint hint….NJ).  Kyle soon joins her sisters. A very positive note, Kim is sober. The only problem is that Kim and Kyle seem to have a rift between them. I thought they ended season 2 on a healing and compassionate note? Kim believes that Kyle has wronged her in a way but only time will tell what she is referring to.

We are soon taken to Lisa and her fabulous self when she goes and visits Brandi. Let’s be honest, Brandi’s house is not Housewives material but it is cute and snuggly. Lisa received a call from Portia who invites her to her birthday party later that week. Kyle did not know Brandi was there so as Kyle was notifying Lisa of the party details, Brandi made her presence known. Kyle reluctantly invites Brandi and who also reluctantly agrees as well.  

Taylor and Adrienne go shopping and it goes well. Adrienne confides in Taylor that she does not know why she would not be invited because she believes that Lisa and she have buried the hatchet. She brushes off the subject and they continue shopping.

It is now the night of the Villa Blanca party and the ladies arrive. All the ladies are introduced/reacquainted with Yolanda. Kim takes a liking to Yolanda because she sees her as a nice non-dramatic person. Brandi’s presence ruffled some feathers which will be great for the rest of the season! More tension builds when Lisa receives several flower arrangements which lead her to wonder who could have sent them. The sender is revealed to be Adrienne! She sent the flowers as congratulations. Lisa believed this to be a passive aggressive attempt to make it known to everyone at the event that she was not invited. I believe it was simply a kind gesture, a peace offering if you will. Kyle and Kim square off (square off is too dramatic, maybe circle off?) and Kim tells Kyle that she might not go to Portia’s house because she will be with her kids. Kyle insists that she bring her kids to their cousin’s party for a couple of hours. Kim disagrees and tells Kyle “maybe I don’t want to go.” Like seriously? How can you expect to see change when you put no effort in the relationship?  OF COURSE if your sister invites you over to her daughter’s party and you are trying to mend things, OF COURSE you go and refrain from saying you rather not attend. Like come on Kim, if you are acting this way then you have no right to say your relationship is strained. Anyway, the premiere episode was a great episode to start, what appears to be, a dramatic season! Til’ next Monday everyone!

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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