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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Ep. 2: Excess Breeds Success

Nene continues to take over Hollywood by participating in the LA Pride Parade representing her new show for NBC, The New Normal. I found it sweet that her younger son Brentt was there to support his mom as well as the gay community. By the way did anyone notice when Nene first arrived at LA Pride Parade that Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race said hello to NeNe in the beginning of the episode?

She was the one wearing the big hat, Halleloo to that!! During the LA Pride Parade we see a softer side of Nene as she tears up seeing everyone knowing who she is, but who doesn’t know who NeNe is at this point, she is everywhere and good for her, plonk! Nene says she LOVES the gay community since they invited nail polish to weaves, makeup etc. Clearly the gays are the most fascinating people in the world and I completely agree with NeNe on this one since I’m gay myself lol.

The next scene we see a Phaedra, Kandi and Kenya having lunch. Kenya reveals that she wasn’t raised by her mom but by her aunt. Kandi tells Kenya that she heard that Kenya was helping Cynthia at her Bailey Agency looking for the next Jet “Beauty of the Week” and reveals she (Kenya) was giving the girls constructive criticism since she had to learn the hard way how to look and present herself for an audition and she didn’t want to see cootchie crack etc. Kenya goes on by telling the girls that Cynthia is the scarecrow of the Wizard of Oz who has no brain, which is not every nice. Cynthia was a supermodel and now a successful woman building her empire, you have to be smart to run a business and Cynthia is doing a good job, so good for her.

Next we see Kim discussing how she is going to be homeless. Kim only has a few weeks to move out, Kim tells her “assistant” Sweetie that she is tired and she is going to pretend she is not going to be homeless for now. What I want to know is what does Sweetie do? I never see her working at all. Secondly Kim is always tired and lazy pregnant or not, nothing much has changed for her to be honest, I like Kim but if her spin off is going to show scenes like this then I’m not interested. Kenya visits her aunt who raised her and she mentions her aunt is like her mom and her hero. Kenya’s aunt tells her she wants to meet her (Kenya) boyfriend Walter. I have a feeling her aunt wants to read him since she didn’t like Kenya’s previous boyfriend. Cynthia, Nene and Phaedra go working out together and the topic of Kenya pops up. Cynthia is clearly not a fan of Kenya since she was not so professional at her agency and I must agree with Cynthia. Cynthia discuses she wants to throw NeNe a party to celebrate her success in Hollywood however NeNe prefers to make it a celebration of successful women instead and NeNe tells Phaedra she can invite both Kim and Kandi. NeNe is extending the olive branch to all the ladies, however I think she forgot to invite Marlo and Sheree lol.

Kroy takes Kim out to celebrate her birthday. We see cake, hot wings and lots of Kim’s favorite appetizers. Kroy’s gift to Kim is a bracelet that she borrowed for her weeding. Ok Kroy, instead of buying her jewelry how about finding your wife a house first? I have a feeling we are going to see that in the next upcoming episodes. Kenya goes out to have dinner with her boyfriend, Walter. They both want to take their relationship more serious and Kenya wants to know if there’s anything she should know before taking their relationship to the next step. Walter confesses to Kenya in the past, he asked Kandi out however she (Kandi) dissed the idea of dating Walter and Kenya was not a happy to learn that information. Kenya makes a complete 180 and is upset at the fact that her man wanted to date Kandi. However Walter, the charming man that he is tells Kenya the he wants her, she is beautiful which makes Kenya happy and she laughs it off and the scene ends with them taking a shot of tequila.

The final scene of this episode we see all the ladies arriving at Cynthia’s event of celebrate successful woman. Kim shows up however at soon as she arrives she wants to go home. She says hello to all the ladies and decides to ditch the party. As we see Kim and Sweetie leaving, NeNe spots her and tells her to stay 5 more minutes. Kim starts making all kinds of excuses since she clearly doesn’t want to stay. She lies to NeNe and tells her she is going to the ladies room and she will meet her outside in a few minutes which she lied and leaves the event. Kim, if you weren’t happy to attend the event in the first place then why go? Kenya gets introduced to NeNe and Cynthia joins in their conversation and Kenya and Cynthia clash once again. We see Beauty Queen vs. Supermodel, NeNe tells Kenya just because her bff Cynthia doesn’t like her doesn’t mean that’s going to stop her off getting to know her. I have a feeling we are going to see more of Kenya vs. Cynthia. Next week we see the debut of the new Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porshia! I’m excited because we are going to see Porsha vs. Kenya. Until then, see you all next week.

Written by: iRealHousewives
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