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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 11: Uncomfortably Public Relations

The episode begins with Lea and Mama Elsa. Mama Elsa visits her to speak about Elaine and Marysol. Elsa gets confused when Lea refers to Elaine as James and vice versa. She does not understand so Lea showed her a picture of the both of them. Elsa replies and says that it “mentally disturbs her” lol! Lea explains that she is very unhappy with Marysol’s PR firm because they mishandled her Gala event for two consecutive years. Elsa suggests that Marysol and Lea talk over dinner.

While Romain and Joanna are playing videogames, Marta arrives back home from Lisa’s house. Her freaking vacation is over and the Zago couple welcomes her back. The girls get ready for a shoe fashion show that is being held at Lisa Pliner’s house and it looks to be a great party. Marysol arrives with Lauren Foster, a transgendered socialite. The two discuss Elaine and Lauren agrees with what Marysol is saying. They believe she is a liar. Lauren consoles Marysol and tells her not to worry about Elaine. Speaking of the devil, Elaine arrives as fabulous as ever. One thing I do have to say is that I do not like her earrings. I love flashy but her earrings looks like they are made out of aluminum foil. Anyways, Elaine walks over to Lea and notifies her that Marysol is speaking about her yet again. 
Elaine walks over to Joanna, Karent, Lisa, and Ana to proclaim that she is mad at Marysol for what she said. According to Lisa Pliner, Marysol said that it was a huge mistake to have Elaine at her party. Ana comes to Marysol’s defense and Elaine refuses to implore any reason.  Elaine charges at Marysol and accuses her of what Lisa Pliner said. Marysol wants to take no part in the argument because she thinks it is not the right time or place. Marysol is grilled by Elaine and it is hard to watch. They way she got in Marysol’s face and the way she was disrespecting the other women was unacceptable. I was disgusted by it. At the end of the day he is still a man!! Men are not supposed to talk to women like that! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE 8’5!!
Karent is hosting a dinner party at Tomas Kramer’s house and she invites all the ladies to attend. Karent arrives to his house with her mother and they begin prepping for dinner. The rest of the ladies arrive to the scene and they seem to be having a good time. Immediately, as always, Karent becomes the topic of attention because rumors start flying. They say that she is sleeping with Thomas or that she hangs out with him because of his status and prestige.  The ladies proceed to the dining room where dinner will be served. Joanna raises a toast for Tomas and she also invites all the girls to Bimini! That is the Bahamas!! Freaking amazing! She calls this trip a healing trip. She hopes that all the ladies can go so they can all move past their problems.  Romain has to leave to go to a meeting and tells Joanna and Tomas that he will be back. The dinner continues then BAM!
Tomas asks if Romain is cheating on Joanna! Given their past troubles, this was not a question to ask! I can see it definitely hit a nerve! She becomes extremely upset. The focus is taken off Joanna when Adriana asks Joanna if she will invite Elaine to resolve things with Marysol. Marysol says she is not interested and explains that she has nothing to work out because Elaine is just looking for attention. Lea interjects and says there is evidence to support her claims. Ana comes to Marysol’s defense (attorney wise) lol and tries to make sense of the situation. Tomas is getting aggravated and tells Ana to stop talking about drama and enjoy the evening. Ana ignores his requests and keeps on with the discussion. Tomas rings a bell which further aggravates Ana! The crazy thing is that everyone is there with a partner or parent and they are all witnessing this. Tomas then says a very sexist comment. Ana has had enough and calls him a misogynist!! In his own home!! Wow! I am amazed! I admire her courage to stand up for what she believes in no matter what!! Ana walks out of the house and is followed out by most of the ladies! Ana decides to leave but Joanna decides to stay to make things right so Romain won’t be disappointed. When Joanna tells Thomas how he felt, he is angered more and believes she is ridiculous. Lea defends Thomas while Elsa tries to tell Lea to calm down. Thomas blows up on Elsa and says horrible things to her. It is despicable! I have to say I am disappointed by some of the ladies. I am disappointed in Karent for not sticking up for Joanna when Thomas made comments about Romain. I am disappointed in Lisa for not sticking up for Joanna. I am disappointed in Marysol for not saying anything to Thomas about the way he treated her mom or the way she was talking to Ana. What the hell is wrong with these people? Who is this guy?
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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