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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Ep. 4: Uh Oh, Somebody's Crying!

Lisa and Adrienne finally meet, while Adrienne keeps giving Ms. Vanderpump many compliments, you can tell Lisa just wanted Adrienne to apologize and be done with. After a few minutes of beating around the bush Adrienne apologizes to Lisa… FINALLY! Will they be able to move on? Sadly I don’t think so. I love both Lisa and Adrienne but Adrienne saying Lisa owes her an apology is something I don’t agree with this at all. Lisa has nothing to apologize to Adrienne. That’s just my opinion.

Next we see the lovely Yolanda Foster doing her Martha Steward duties and being a lovely housewife. Kim arrives to Yolanda and tells her all the girls are needed of a girl’s trip to Ojai. Kim tells Yolanda Ojai is peaceful place which is the best way to avoid drama. (but we all know that’s not going to happen). Yolanda mentions she’s a little iffy about a girl’s trip but she agrees to attend either way. Next we see Brandi and her “Gaygent” as she loves to call him talking about her book deal. Let’s fast-forward to Brandi modeling for Beverly Hills Lifestyle. Brandi is doing photo shoots for the magazine and she absolutely looks stunning!! Lisa hooked her up with this gig as Brandi. I must say Lisa is a fabulous and wonderful friend. Its obvious Lisa is taking Brandi under her wing, and I love their friendship. While Lisa and Brandi go over Brandi’s pictures she kind of freaks out since according to her she notices wrinkles on her thumb. Really Brandi? Really?! You’re gorgeous, focus on that!
Kim, Kyle, Adrienne, Taylor and Camille head to Ojai first. Camille starts talking about her man’s privates which pretty much she let’s us know she is VERY HAPPY!! ;) The ladies arrive to Ojai and they have to share rooms since there are only a few rooms. The girls decide to give the smallest beds to Lisa and Brandi, as a joke of course! Brandi and Lisa arrive next and Brandi says hi to Kim which at first was kind of awkward but Kim being the hostess and the person who planned to trip decides to be courteous and greats Brandi. Lisa and Brandi shortly after and are introduced to their rooms and they both love it. Yolanda is the last one to arrive since she had an event to attend with her husband.

Kim takes all the ladies to dinner and by the force of the universe Kim gets to sit across Brandi. Kim begins to give a toast (with water of course) and I must say her speech made my eyes watery, it was so touching. I’m so glad Kim is in a better place this season. Kim and Brandi start exchanging words and soon enough they begin to have a serious conversation and talk about their struggles of depression. Kim seems to get touched by their heart to heart talk. Kim begins to cry and then Adrienne calls out Kim for it. Brandi doesn’t seem too happy about it and snaps back at Adrienne with a “Shut the fuck up!” and the episode ends there. I can’t wait for Monday’s episode. Until then, thanks for reading.

Written by: iRealHousewives

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