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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Ep. 3: Don't Sing for Your Supper

Episode 3 of the RHOBH starts up with Kim prepping Kimberly for prom. Kim seems more nervous than her own daughter. You just can’t help it but love Kim, she’s so adorable. All you want to do is give her a big hug. While Kimberly’s date arrives and wanting to leave to prom, Kim wants them to hang out for a bit and have some appetizers, chicken salad and lemonade. I honestly thought this scene was just adorable. Moving to Kim’s sister Kyle Richards. Kyle is teaching her daughter Alexia how to drive. While Alexia seems excited, Kyle seems scared of her daughter driving her car lol.

The newest Beverly Hills housewife, Yolanda H. Foster decided to host a dinner party at her luxurious house. Yolanda meets her butler and goes over the menu. While her staff is busy assisting the dinner party, Yolanda is out at her garden picking the freshest rose peddles and lemons from her lemon tree to decorate her lavishing dinner party. Lisa visits Kyle and they start discussing about her (Lisa) feud with Adrienne. Lisa then tells Kyle she is willing to move on only if Adrienne apologizes to her for accusing her of selling stories to the press as we all witnessed this accusation during the Season 2 reunion.
All the ladies arrive at Yolanda’s dinner party (except for Brandi) and the wives are are all amazed on how luxurious and gorgeous Yolanda’s house is as we all are. Adrienne and Paul are not really feeling Lisa as she arrives and they ignore each other. There's a lot of tension between them. The biggest topic on this episode was Yolanda’s refrigerator! How immaculate and gorgeous is it? Yolanda for sure is a "Real Housewife". David Foster (Yolanda’s husband) tells the ladies how he meet Yolanda and how they fell in love. Taylor was either medicated or intoxicated. Taylor starts talking negativity about Brandi by saying Brandi slept with everyone in Beverly Hills etc., which we know it’s not true. Brandi said that as a joke and sadly Taylor believed it. David starts playing the piano and some of the wives begin to sing. Quicky David tells them to stop (and I’m glad he did lol). Taylor quickly gets defensive and gets annoyed by David. David let's he's music friends sing songs and Taylor is not feeling it at all expecially after they start singing a ballad. It gets Taylor sad and upset. Yolanda states in an interview “There’s nothing uglier than a drunk woman!” (Yolanda is refereeing to Taylor).  The following day we see Lisa is getting ready to meet Adrienne to discuss their issues. Adrienne arrives first and haves a glass of wine, then Lisa arrives and the episode ends.
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