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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Ep. 2: The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God

The Beverly Hills ladies begin this episode by shopping around for kids clothing. Adrienne and Kyle buy clothes for Porscha and Adrienne’s son. The topic about Lisa comes up and Adrienne expresses interest in talking to Lisa. She believes that they way Lisa is handling things is immature but she is still open to apologizing to Lisa. Meanwhile at Taylor’s house, Taylor hosts a dinner for Adrienne, Paul, Kyle, and Mauricio.

She prepares Spanish food for the ladies, along with margaritas. Taylor asks for a favor and I don’t know if you guys caught this but the ladies had a look on their face like “what does he want now?” lol. When she said it was for the men, their faces dropped even more. I bet they were thinking” she either wants to get a discount on a house, or she wants free plastic surgery, or both” lol. Over dinner, Taylor asks Mauricio and Paul to walk for domestic abuse awareness. They have to picture themselves in the life of a woman and walk in her shoes, no wait! They actually do have to walk in their shoes. The men agree to it and continue their dinner.
Adrienne takes Paul to a cheap store to buy heels and he tries a variety of shoes. It is hilarious! We are then taken to Yolanda who is on the set of her daughter’s modeling photo shoot. We learn more about Yolanda’s past and the past modeling jobs she has done. She coaches her daughter and tells her to remain in her diet. I found this to be really upsetting. Her daughter is already skinny and she tells her to stick to her daughter. Yolanda says she is not a stage mom but she totally is. We are then taken to the airport and see Adrienne, Paul, Mauricio, and Taylor fly off to San Francisco for their event. They discuss the Lisa situation again and Adrienne still believes it's childish.
Back at Kyle’s house, the party set up is going great. They have ponies, a photo booth, animal corner, and games. Their backyard looks like a fun carnival! Meanwhile, the fellas have arrived to the event. Mauricio is shocked to know that Paul brought his own heels. Mauricio tries on a pair that were provided for him. They are amazed to find out that there were a lot of people at the event. It is great because a lot of people support their cause.
Lisa arrives to Kyle’s house a little early because she needs to leave early. Kyle thinks it is because she wants t avoid Adrienne. Lisa and Kyle go out front because the Llama has arrived! The llama comes through the house and arrives! Lol Kyle and Lisa sit down and Kyle offers her house as neutral ground for Lisa and Adrienne to speak. Lisa disagrees with the idea and refuses to get Kyle involved. Lisa leaves and shortly after Brandi and Camille arrive. It great to see that Brandi and Camille have are on great terms with Kyle. Soon after, Dana, Mauricio, Kim, Paul, and Adrienne arrive. The only drama at Porscha’s party came from Taylor. She made Brandi feel uncomfortable because she chose not to say hello to her when she said hello to Camille. She was also telling the whole party what Brandi said to Yolanda about sleeping with all of BH. I noticed that Taylor was intoxicated because she was slurring and was not talking in a normal tone. Then Kyle talks to Adrienne, Paul and Mauricio about Lisa because they are wondering where she is. Kyle lets them know that she left because she had something to attend to. Adrienne believes that she left because of her drama with her. Quite a wise statement. Looks like next week they meet for a one on one dinner to talk about their issue. Make sure you tune in!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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