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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Ep. 3: Call Me Miss U.S.A.

Written By: Mr. Housewife
We begin our episode of RHOA with Nene and Greg getting a pedicure. They both spend some quality time together. Nene is going to New York and wants Greg to baby sit. They discuss moving to LA and Greg’s requests for Nene’s house keys. Greg starts giving Nene a foot rub and it becomes very comical when Lawrence unexpectedly bumps into Nene.

Good news for our Apollo, he is certified as a Nutritionist Specialist and as a Personal Trainer. Apollo and Phaedra talk about creating a work out video together for those people who do not or are not graced with donkey booties. The video is aimed at firming the buttocks and plumping it out lol.
Back to our charming Kim Zolciak, Kroy, Sweetie and her are speaking about the eviction. She is upset about all the money she invested in the house because she did not end up staying in the house because the appraisal value was lower than what they anticipated (whatever that means). Kim plots to deflower the house and leave it dry and boring, just how they found it. She still complains about moving back to the townhouse. Um hello, YOU STILL HAVE A HOUSE! Stop being so ungrateful and appreciate what you have!!
We meet our new housewive Porsha and she is quick to show us her bubbly personality. Kenya meets with Porsha because she will be attending her late grandfather’s charity. Kenya quickly gets defensive when Porsha tries to make conversation with her. She feels like Porsha is interrogating her. It is complete crap for her to think that! What is wrong with his lady? God forbid anyone try to get to know Kenya because who knows what side of Kenya you’ll get!
While Nene is in New York, she is met up by Cynthia because she is on a business trip. Nene expresses disgust of New York hot dogs and the subway, Cynthia makes it her mission to teach Nene about the subway. It is hilarious to see that Nene is going on the subway in heels! Cynthia laughs becase she thinks she will get tired.  Meanwhile, Phaedra and Kenya meet for lunch and drinks. Phaedra tells Kenya about her work out video and Kenya offers help with her production company. Looks like the start of the Apollo takeover!
Porsha event is a good turnout. It was held at her grandfather’s house. She was presented by a huge sum of money by her husband for Porsha’s charity. When it is time to introduce Kenya, Porsha mistakenly calls her Miss America not Miss USA. Immediately, Kenya becomes upset and corrects Porsha. You can that tainted the night because of the bitchiness that Kenya put off. Kenya walks outside because she is cold and meets up with Ms. Lawrence. She vents to him and tells him of the crime that has been committed. Porsha, gracious as could be, comes and checks up on Kenya and Kenya lets her have it. I don’t understand. Kenya went off out of nowhere. Porsha made a mistake and it just seemed that Kenya worked herself up and erupted on Porsha. Kenya and Porsha exchange heated words and Kenya leaves. Porsha walks back to her event startled by what just happened.
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