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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Joanna Krupa!

Before becoming a Real Housewife, Joanna was busy conquering the fashion industry for over 13 years and has appeared in over 120 magazine covers worldwide... and still counting. Joanna is a big animal rights activist and also the host of Poland’s Next Top Model and now most recently she’s join Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami. Joanna talks to us about her modeling career, RHOM drama, charities, and much more in this exclusive interview with iRealHouswives!

iRH: Hi Joanna! Welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you today?

JK: I am ok. Going through some tough personal moments in my life but it can only get better from here.
iRH: How old were you when you and your family move from Poland to America?

JK: I was 5 years old when I moved from Warsaw to Chicago with my pregnant mom.

iRH: Was the transition from Poland to America difficult?

JK: My mother had $200 in her pocket so for her it was the toughest moments in her life. I was too young to remember.
iRH: At what age did you discover your passion for modeling?

JK: I was always the child that wanted to be in front of the camera dressing myself in my mom’s clothes and putting on her makeup. My sister Marta and I use to always use parents camcorder to record ourselves pretending to be models, singers dancers actors… we had quite the imagination and it’s fun to watch them now as adults. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

iRH: What's your secret to remain so fit and healthy?

JK: I eat what I want but I do workout 2-4 times a day. Being in the model world I agreed never to deprive myself from eating and being unhealthy like most high fashion models. I was very strict about who I am and that I won’t change and become an anorexic looking girl. I was always pretty curvy so my calling was never being a high fashion model anyway and that’s how I became a cover girl.

iRH: You have grazed over 120 magazine covers worldwide. What's been some of your favorite ones so far?

JK: It’s really hard to say because there is a lot I love ranging from Maxim, Playboy to Glamour to Ocean Drive to Michigan Ave to GQ.

iRH: How does it feel to be labeled as “The Sexiest Top Model in the World"?

JK: It’s an amazing honor but I don’t take it for granted as there are many gorgeous women in the world but I am very proud

iRH: What are some of your favorite fashion designers?

JK: Stella McCartney as she only uses non animal fabrics. She’s an amazing woman and all designers should use her as a role model.

iRH: Can you tell us more regarding your swimwear line with Aché swimwear?

JK: I no longer work with Aché that was a few years back when I had a few signature pieces…

iRH: Would you ever consider of doing other types of fashion or beauty lines?

JK: I have a body skin care line which we just launched that is available in Poland and soon in Europe, Asia and hoping the USA. I am also working on an anti aging face cream for the states which hopefully be ready early next year. I have my own lingerie line also with Esotiq. I plan to do a lot more when it comes to designing and eventually would love my own line of handbags and shoes.

iRH: Many people don't know this but you’re the host and head judge of Poland’s Next Top Model. How would you describe your experience on PNTM so far?
JK: We are about to start Season 3 and it’s been amazing and a huge compliment since Tyra Banks hosts the American version, Heidi Klum hosts the German version and Elle McPherson the UK version. To be in that group of supermodels is a huge achievement and a dream to host such an amazing show and finding girls that have the same little girls dream that I had. I love doing it as it reminds of when I was trying to start modeling and had no clue how to begin and here they have this once in a lifetime opportunity. And I will say girls in Poland are unbelievable. The last girl who won in Season 2 she should be the face of Guess and Victoria Secret.

iRH: How were you approached to be the host of PNTM?

JK: I was invited to Poland to go on a popular talk show and that same week the producers of Top Model invited me to audition which I did but never expected to get it as my Polish isn’t perfect but when I got the job I also made it popular to speak polish mixed with English. At first people made fun of it and now they are obsessed.

iRH: When will you return back to host the 3rd Cycle of PNTM?
JK: We go back into production this December

iRH: How were you approached to be part of RHOM?
JK: A friend of mine that is a producer asked if I would want to meet with them and of course I said yes.

iRH: Was there ever a point where you felt hesitant of joining the show?
JK: Never

iRH: Were you a fan of "The Real Housewives" series before joining?
JK: I loved watching the Beverly Hills version since I spend most of my time in LA so I related more to that world because I know some of the people on the show

iRH: Do you think being so honest and speaking how you feel gets you in trouble with some of the ladies?

JK: I don’t care if it does as I will never change who I am and I will always defend myself and those around me if I feel they are being bullied or disrespected. I was bullied my whole life and won’t allow others to in front of me

iRH: It's obvious you and Adriana are not the best of friends. Why do you think you two just can’t get along?

JK: Since the moment I met her she didn’t like me and honestly I see no reason why I should even speak her name. She’s irrelevant

iRH: Were you surprised that Adriana ended up punching you at Lisa’s event? You looked very shocked. Anything you would like to address in regards to that fight?

JK: I was shocked and scared because my face is my work and I was mostly concerned about her scarring my face. It would have gotten really ugly if she did but that is why I decided to start taking jiu jitsu self defense classes so it never happens again and if she or anyone touches me again I’ll be ready. Her being a mother really surprised me she would stoop to that level. As a mother she should be a better role model but I guess you can’t help a person that’s not happy with who she is, and seems to be angry at the world and takes it out on others. If she spent more energy on herself and her life she would be much happier.

iRH: Karent has been getting not such positive comments from your co stars in the past few episodes. What’s your take on it?

JK: Karent hasn’t done or said anything to me or anyone that would change my opinion of her. We are friends and I don’t care what anyone else says.

iRH: Out of all the ladies who do you still stay in touch with outside the show?
JK: Karent, Lea, Ana, and Lisa

iRH: You’re an animal rights activist and a supporter of PETA, Dogs for the Deaf to name a few. Where did that passion start from?

JK: I was raised to treat others like u want to be treated. I was also raised not to hurt another living thing and always had dogs growing up. As a person that has a heart I can’t comprehend how people are capable of animal cruelty and abandonment. It infuriates me that I even have to fight to be a voice for the animals as none of this should b happening especially in 2012. How can human beings take advantage of something that is voiceless and defenseless?

iRH: Are there any other organizations or charities that you support?

JK: I do a lot with kid’s orphanages and I do other charity but I don’t like to speak about it all. The only reason I do speak about some is about raising awareness but most of the times I am involved I don’t talk about it otherwise I would need a camera crew around me all the time. I am a very giving person but I have learned over and over by being backstab by people close to me that I need to focus on kids and animals because they will never betray u and are always loyal and appreciate the love and help.

iRH: I just heard the bad news of you and Romain’s break-up, which makes me sad since you two were my favorite couple. Any plans of reconciliation?

JK: Honestly I rather not comment

iRH: You also have done some acting. Any future acting gigs that you can tell us?

JK: My main focus is hosting and I would love to host a big show like Top Model eventually in America. Acting I would love to play a James Bond girl (laughs)

iRH: What's new for Joanna? Any future projects you care to share?

JK: Working on the skin care line, lingerie line and anti-aging cream plus Top Model. I also co-host DWTS: After Show and I’m in talks about other projects but too soon to talk about it now.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

JK: I appreciate their loyalty and I love them all!!

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