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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Elaine Lancaster

Elaine has quickly become a controversial yet fabulous character in the Real Housewives of Miami. Whether you love Elaine or love to hate her she clearly is the perfect mix of what a reality TV star is all about. Elaine definitely stood out as being the first drag queen to be considered a “friend of the housewives”. James Davis is the man behind Elaine Lancaster. James Davis/Elaine Lancaster has achieved a successful career as a drag queen, model, actor, and host to name a few. Elaine is a Miami socialite and Lea Black’s BFF. And as of August 27th it has been declared “Elaine Lancaster Day” in Miami. Elaine talks about her early days in drag, Real Housewives drama, her career, charities and RuPaul in this exclusive interview with iRealHousewives.

iRH: Hello Elaine. Welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you today?

EL: Hello. I'm wonderful.

iRH: At what age did you (James) discovered the interest of drag?

EL: I was a sophomore in College at the University of Kansas.

iRH: It’s known in the drag community a lot of rookie drag queen starts by being mentored by a drag mother. Did anyone mentor you when you first started?

EL: No one would ever help me when I first started out in Kansas City. I guess it was because it was a One Horse town so to speak but I admired & emulated the Big Queen in town who eventually became a dear friend and is to this day. When I moved to Dallas, Texas there was a Queen named Coco who was Miss Gay USA, one of the sweetest and most talented entertainers ever in the business. We became friends and when she traveled the country as “Miss Gay USA” she took me along to perform sort of an Opening Act. I was hardly the entertainer she was but just watching her and talking with her as we traveled taught me so much about the life of a drag star.

iRH: Was Elaine Lancaster your only drag persona or was there any more before choosing her?

EL: Prior to Elaine there was a character who was part of a 'sister act' named the 'Vonsoir Sister's', Chanean & Janean (me) Vonsoir, two little Parisian girls who found their way to America.

iRH: What lead you to pick the name “Elaine Lancaster”?

EL: My first real friend as a gay man Charles Gregory, Chanean Vonsoir, introduced me to two characters in Jackie Collins novel, Hollywood Wives, Elaine Conti & Karen Lancaster = Elaine Lancaster

iRH: What influences did you use to create Elaine?

EL: A Rich, Powerful, Successful, Beautiful, Southern woman who’s never allowed her position of Beauty; Privilege & Wealth derail her core values.

iRH: What would you say is the difference between James and Elaine personality wise?

EL: James enjoys his solitude and state of being. Elaine is The Star amongst Stars, yet both have unimpeachable morals.

iRH: As an actor you have many TV credits under your name. What has been some of your favorite acting gigs you’ve done so far?

EL: My first television show was in 1993 on the NBC sitcom, Wings where I played a 'drag queen' in a NYC bar & Ends up leaving with comedy actor Calvert DeForest, aka Larry "Bud" Melman. My favorite part was as an Extra in the Hollywood summer smash Rock of Ages, Starring Tom Cruise because I got to have him walk beside me and smile, take after take, during my scene with Russell Brand. It was exciting to be a part, albeit an extra's part, of a major Hollywood film. I learned a lot.

iRH: The first encounter you had with Mama Elsa started pretty rough. Have you seen or talk to her since that argument?

EL: I have not seen her since the shows Premier. She's an okay woman I'd say, but we don't know each other.

iRH: A few episodes ago we saw an altercation with Beau at Lisa’s (Hochstein) party. Were you surprised on how quickly it escalated?

EL: Yes I was a bit surprised. I am a fiercely Loyal Person who will defend any friend and myself. It seemed like Beau had been drinking before he arrived at the party. He was rude to Lea and almost everyone around. I pushed him into the pool when I leaned over & whispered in his ear, Beau you are drunk and making a fool of yourself, then he slung his drink in my face so i returned the favor with a big splash to boot.

iRH: Recently there’s been tension between you and Miami Housewife, Marysol Patton. Can you give us your side of the story?

EL: Marysol likes to play the victim. She's a victim alright, a victim of herself. She spins webs of deceit everywhere she goes and she got caught in her own web she has spun this time. I must admit that I am admired in this town for many reasons, but also envied it seems. It has gotten back to me all the stuff she or members of her agency has done to damage my name and reputation. I've been a tireless supporter of charities and other good causes; leading me to receive Proclamations in both Miami and Miami Beach declaring August 27th as Elaine Lancaster Day. No other person living in our fair cities can lay claim to such a distinction. I am a unique person who loves to work hard promoting myself, South Florida and giving back to a place that has supported me. I made a major splash on the shores of Miami Beach from the day I arrived on July 15, 1997.

iRH: On last week’s episode many viewers praised you, and some were not so pleased when you confronted Marysol. Anything you would like to clear up regarding this?

EL: It was a long time coming. I had made many attempts to speak with her about the irrefutable facts of her going out of her way to bad mouth me to people who are in positions to hire or not hire me. That afternoon I walked up to her calmly, I could see she was nervous so I said, Take a deep breath, I'm not going to embarrass you but I'd like to speak with you. Once again she said, No this is a Ladies Lunch, but with the fresh wounds of her telling my good friend Lisa Pliner not to hire me to emcee the Shoe Show the day before had me seeing red. She tried to Maneuver around me to avoid admitting what she had, Once again, done to harm my income. I wasn't going to allow her to continue with this pattern of behavior so when she tried to run away from the issue one more time I blew up. I could have handled it differently but it was the only way to get her to hear me and my frustrations. She has been doing it for several years. She has been planting the seeds of deception trying to hurt me financially for a long time now and it has to stop. I know I'm a man & she's a woman but I could care less what a person’s sex is when someone does something so Egregious as to harm my sterling reputation and my income then they must be confronted. It is a Pattern of behavior that goes to the core of who & what she is.

iRH: How did your friendship with your best friend Lea developed?

EL: I used to be the host for the Most Major nightclubs in town when I first arrived in Miami. One night Roy and Lea were with Johnny Cochran and several other notable people. I was introduced to Lea and we hit it off immediately since we both love things out of the ordinary and let’s face it, Elaine is anything but ordinary. Lea gave me her card & when my good friends Dennis Rodman and Carman Electra were arrested for a domestic dispute after our night out on the town. I called Roy Black to handle the situation and we have been friends ever since.

Our affection for one another comes out of our Joie de Vivre & passion for trying to make our world and the people in it a little better off. We both are busy people leading busy lives and do not get to spend as much time together as we'd like, but I love & care for her very much. Lea is an Amazing woman who is honest, loyal, straight forward in her words, deeds and approach to life. What else could one hope for in a friend?

iRH: Drag has recently become a pop culture phenomenon especially with the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Have you ever worked with Ru before?

EL: I admire Ru's successes and beauty. We had him perform one year for the White Party, the largest HIV/AIDS charity in south Florida which I am the host. Last night was my 14th year as the host. We hope to raise millions for client services for people living with HIV/AIDS in Miami. Lea came out to support to the cause. She has been involved with the gay community long before it was fashionable and before we met, so I guess that is also what drew us to each other.

iRH: Has RuPaul ever influenced you as a drag entertainer?

EL: I knew Ru and Lady Bunny before they grew into the Stars they are today at a club called Weekend's in Atlanta. I was in awe yet terrified of them, but little did I know it was a window into my future. Ru's presence showed me I could take my art and passion for 'living in the spot light' and turn it into a profession.

iRH: Do you think as a gay man it’s important to help, educate and support the gay community being in this business?

EL: Yes, but I never set out to educate anyone yet along the way I've seen how living a unapologetic and authentic life changes hearts and minds. Once I created Elaine I started trying to use my image to promote causes much greater than myself. I started out as a volunteer answering the telephones, but seeing people dying in the prime of their lives was too much for me emotionally so I would go home and cry for hours. I had to find another way to help the cause. In 1996 I founded 'An Evening with the Stars' a charity fundraiser in Dallas, Texas raising money for the Dallas AIDS Resource Center which helped people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Then mayor, Ronald Kirk came to acknowledge my efforts by presenting me with a 'Certificate of Special Recognition' since I was able to do it all on my own. I worked getting companies & individuals to donate items which could be auctioned to raise money. At the end of the night I was shocked what I had accomplished my first time attempting such an undertaking.

iRH: I know you’ve been working on a lip gloss line. Anything you can tell us about it?

EL: Yes! I launched my first color, 'Pusswah Pink' about a month ago and it sold out in two weeks and I haven’t even done the formal launch yet. I saw how receptive everyone was to the color which is several shades of Pink combined to create the unique color. I've always received compliments on my lip color and when people ask me what color is it. I would explain it is a combination of three of my favorite shades of Pink combined to create the sensational color which lead to my creating, Elaine Lancaster's 'Pusswah Pink' Lip Lacquer. Now anyone can have Elaine Lancaster on their lips! I had been trying to get it together long before my involvement with the show. The time seemed ripe for finally getting it out there. I have since developed a second color called, 'Shine', a pale iridescent shade that can be worn along or as a complimentary accent to your favorite lip stick. As of now, they are available through the internet only, but I am in talks with a major international retailer to carry my line. It looks promising, if it comes to fruition in late January early February it will be all over the world in their stores and duty free shops throughout the world. It will make me a wee bit happier person. Wish me Luck. If anyone would like to order either color please e-mail my assistant: $19.95 + $1.95 S&H

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iRH: Overall how would you describe your experience on RHOM?

EL: It was a wonderful opportunity to be on the international stage of Bravo Television Network. For better or worse.

iRH: Can we expect to see you throughout the remainder of the season?

EL: This week’s episode, I think, the viewers will see me finally trying to get an answer out of Marysol to why she has gone out of her way to hurt me & my business. It is strange why someone whom I had never worked with professionally goes to such extremes to harm me.

iRH: Besides Lea, who are you the closest to out all the Miami wives?

EL: I like them all but I would not say I'm close with any of them. My life is too busy to have 'Ladies Lucheons'

iRH: What’s new for Elaine? Any upcoming projects you can tell us?

EL: I have some exciting projects in development at this time but nothing I can discuss, but once finalized I’ll let you know.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to our fans?

EL: I've always gained solace from the words and wisdom of my mother and our mutual love for music. Music has always been a great source of inspiration for us in good and bad times. There is a segment from a Melba Moore song 'Otherside of the Rainbow' that really strikes a cord in my heart. "......Now someone will try to bring you down They say, Dreams are for those who sleep, oh but dreamers possess great powers untold They build worlds others cannot see, Remember if you don't follow your dreams you'll never know what's on the Otherside of the Rainbow You'll never know what you will find at the top of the mountain You'll never know where you will be at your journey's end Your Journey's end....Know within your heart that your Dreams will come true. Don't let Nobody tell ya what you cannot do and don't let nobody tell you what's impossible for you, but don't nobody tell what'cha got to do Remember if you don't follow your dreams you'll never know what’s on the Otherside of the Rainbow." I just love it, so Follow Your Dreams everybody and it's never too late.......

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