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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Marisa Zanuck

Marisa Zanuck is the “it” girl of real estate in Beverly Hills, and now she is one of the newest cast members to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3. Marisa is a friend, wife, mother and a business woman. Get to know more about Marisa as she talks career, family and what to expect in this third season of RHOBH. She gives us a brief background of her life and career and who she get’s along the most as she talks exclusively with iRealHousewives.

iRH: Hi Marisa, welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you?

MZ: I’m good, thanks!

iRH: I know you were born and raised in Beverly Hills. How was it for you to grow up in such a famous zip?

MZ: Well for me it’s my home, I basically lived here all my life. I went to Beverly Hills High School; I didn’t grow up with not a lot of money, I grew up in a townhouse in Beverly Hills and been working since I was 14 years old. Even though I grew up in this neighborhood I have always worked.
iRH: I know you started as a receptionist and then an assistant before becoming a real estate agent. What gave you that drive to become successful?

MZ: Basically, I’ve always been very ambitious. Not growing up with a lot of money and seeing what everyone else had, wanting to make a great life for myself. It was very important to me. I’ve always been very ambitious and I’m still to this day.

iRH: What lead you to become a real estate agent?

MZ: Basically I fell into it. After graduating high school, I stated working as a receptionist, after learning so much about the business I knew I could do this, so I worked my way up. I used to do the advertising of the company and then I worked as an assistant at a really big broker in Beverly Hills. When I saw it can make you big money and it was a good job for a future mother that’s why I did it, it just happened. it was something that I happen to be good at and it and decided to take on.

iRH: What do you enjoy the most about the real estate business?

MZ: I love working a deal. When I’m in the middle of working a deal, that’s when I’m the happiest. From finding the perfect house for someone, making sure everyone is happy, from the buyer, to homeowner, to the brokers involved, making sure everyone is happy can be hard so I like the challenge.

iRH: The real estate market has been affected by the economy. To what extent has this affected your business deals?

MZ: It has affected my job in a sense that normal people like me to people from 1 million to the 4 million range has been affected. From the mortgage, to stock markets, to the economy it does affect us. Fortunately I’ve been working in the high end areas of Beverly Hills, which are 5 million dollar homes and above so it hasn’t affected my job. There are deals always happening but the rich people still have money so it doesn’t affect them like it affects us.

iRH:  How were you approached to be part of a crazy show called “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”?

MZ: (Laughs). It was pretty organic, I’ve been friends with Kyle for a very long time and I thought it would be fun. You know I don’t know what I’m in for; I don’t know if it’s going to be a good road or a scary road. I’m kind of scared. I just hope it turns out well, you know what I mean? It’s a little scary. I really don’t know what I’m really in for to be honest.

iRH: Were you a fan of the show before joining RHOBH?

MZ: Yes, I loved the show. I watch all the housewives shows.

iRH: Besides Kyle, were you friends with any of the other girls?

MZ: I know Lisa from around town. I know Faye Resnick since she’s Kyle’s friend. Basically I knew of the girls but I didn’t know them in a personal level.

iRH: I know you have 2 beautiful children and a lovely husband, will we get to see them on the show?

MZ: Yes definitely, the kids and my husband are involved.

iRH: Speaking of your husband, how did you meet your husband?

MZ: I meet him when I was a receptionist at my very first firm that I worked for. He would walk every day by my office to look at me. I knew he liked me but he was very shy so it took him a whole year to talk to me.

iRH: How would you describe yourself on the show?

MZ: I’m definitely myself. I think at times it’s going to get me in trouble because I say what I think and what I feel. I know some people don’t like that but I really don’t care what they think to be honest. But I’m not the type of person who hurts people or is malicious. I won’t throw anyone under the table but I will say something when I think I should.

iRH: Who did you get along the best?

MZ: Of course Kyle. I love Kyle, I like Brandi a lot, and I like Lisa and Camille. I’m new so I’m still getting to the girls. I filmed a lot with Brandi, and I talk to Brandi outside the show, I like her a lot. I get along with most of the girls to be honest.

iRH: Were you prepared on the amount of drama you were going to witness before joining the show?

MZ: To be honest, I know I said I’ve watched the shows, and was I’m a big fan of them but I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think it was going to be the way it was, so I wasn’t prepared for it (laughs). But it’s been fun and honestly all the girls really like each other, and get along.

iRH: Who is your favorite housewife from another city?

MZ: My favorite housewife from another city is Kim Zolciak from RHOA

iRH: Who is your least favorite housewife from another city?

MZ: Teresa Guidice from RHONJ

iRH: I know you’ve stated that before and got a lot of heat from the fans.

MZ: I know, I know. She might be a nice person like if you meet her, but she comes across malicious and I’m not a fan of people like that.

iRH: Besides juggling a career and being a wife and a mother your also a philanthropist. Is there a specific charity that you support?

MZ: I'm doing a charity event for my father in law. My father in law recently passed away, I am hosting a benefit for him on December 13th with David Webb which he is big jeweler in Beverly Hills and all over the world. They want me to host the event, and we are going to donate 15 percent of the proceeds to his charity which is feeding the homeless. You can find more information of the event at It’s a great cause, I love helping out and feeding the homeless especially since we are in this economy and everyone is going through such a hard time.

iRH: I know you worked on a show for HGTV titled “Selling LA”, are you going to continue to the show?

MZ: I did it for 2 seasons. It was basically a real estate show. I’m not allowed to do both shows, fortunately I choose RHOBH. I think it will give me more exposure and I thought it would be more fun.

iRH: Do you have any upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

MZ: I do. I have some in the works but I’m not sure if I can talk about them. It looks like I’ll be doing some hosting work for Extra TV. That’s what I really want to do. I love doing that. And I have other stuff that I’m working on but it’s still too early to say.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

MZ: (laughs). I don’t have many because people don’t know me yet. The producers keep telling me I’m their secret weapon. I get brought in the show during episode 7, and then I’m there throughout the season. So you got to watch out for me, I might make an appearance in the first episode.

iRH: So we have to wait that long to know more about you? That sucks.

MZ: Yeah (laughs). What I will say is don’t take everything in such a face value. There’s a reason we say what we say. There’s a lot you don’t get to see that’s behind the scenes, You have to listen and pay attention because what you see it’s not always the whole story.

iRH: During the trailer we saw a bit of you, are we going to see a lot of you on the show?

MZ: They didn’t put very much of me on, but you will see a lot of me. I’m really involved throughout the rest of the show.

iRH: I just hope you don’t get the Dana treatment and get a limited role.

MZ: But she was annoying anyways. I think she felt insecure around the other women, so she had to act like she had a whole lot of money. I’m the first one to say I don’t have a lot of money. I’m a normal girl who lives in a normal 2 million dollar house. I’m not the richest girl in the cast but I fit in well with the cast and I get along with the girls and I’m very happy about that.

iRH: Thank you for taking the time for this interview sweetie, good luck!!

MZ: Thank you so much, had fun, have a great day.

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