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GUEST POST: Andy Cohen and Black July

By: Annaliessa Clary
Greeting everyone, I hope everyone one is getting into the holiday spirit.  In the spirit of the holidays I asked my lovely friend if I could post this little story, thanks to @iRealHousewives for being so kind.

Over the weekend I downloaded an electronic version of Andy’s Book #MostTalkative.   Downloaded and read the book from cover to cover. You’re thinking-okay what the heck does that have to do with Black July?   Bear with me because if you read the book, you understand there is a rambling front story to get to the meat of the story.

First, I think being from the Midwest we all had the same dreams, that we were trapped here, maybe that the wrong baby was sent home with our parents, that we were destined to have the glitz and glam of an east/west coast life-why is that so many Midwestern kids feel this same affliction-because we had nothing to distract us, huge buildings, plays, amazing city lights and all the promise that it brings. Nor did we have the dark side of city life that unfortunately can make you lose focus on those young tender dreams.  But we did have one thing-the television. 

The universal platform where we could all peer into the lives and find inspiration for our own-the validation that if it was done on TV. That it could happen, but without the commercial breaks!   Why are television dreams so universal in the Midwest-well because we did not have the hustle of a big city to entertain us-therefore we had to internalize and let our imagination shape our dreams?

When I bought Andy’s book, I really expected something completely different-first I didn’t bombard the show asking for free copy(truth, I could never get in)-I actually paid money for it so I had some high expectations, and it wasn’t what I expected. I’m not saying it wasn’t good-I’m saying I don’t believe we got the Andy that we have all bought into seeing him on WWHL or the reunion shows. Happenstance-is there such a word, but it appears he just sort of tripped into this life.

In those cases Andy really appears that someone dropped out last minute-and he was forced into a suit and thrown in front of the cameras seconds before filming-and because it wasn’t a total flop and he was cheap, they asked him back-that is his persona. And he is a great illusionist/actor. Really I feel illusionist is better ‘verb’ because he has everyone fooled. At the core he is a stone cold journalist and likely one of the smartest businessmen in the nation today.

Whether it is him, or a team behind him he has changed one of the few global economies left forever (television). Gone are the 80’s product placements (Back to the future-diet Pepsi) the Cross Branding of the 90’s-Disney movies and Burger king. And the electronic emerging technologies for marketing of the 21st century that bombarded us for 10 years with its constant ever-changing upgrades and relevance. But he managed to integrate all of that into his persona, his network, and to his pocketbook.

He made stars out of personalities, and sold the advertising for it which was unbelievable-but the part I wish he had gone more into detail regarding the book was that Bravo gets a piece of everything that is developed on the show-every-every-everything.

And that has changed everything-forever. Imagine Monday night football not being reliant on ratings for financial success and what an advertiser is willing to pay for 30 seconds. Imagine a production crew that doesn’t have to try and place some ridiculous product into a story line just to they could have the funding to start a project. Imagine having multiple hugely successful products that do not rely on an Advertising firm for it's success.  It is pure genius.

Plucking people from their social circle where they are virtual unknowns outside their area codes, and spilling their lives good and bad for the cameras, and getting a piece of every dime of revenue that is generated as a result of the show it is genius. Maybe evil genius? Much like the character we all adore Erica Kane who shaped and changed so many lives Andy Cohen is doing the same for the generation that will not have the soaps to negotiate the path to global domination and controller of universe success.

So back to the title of the article Andy Cohen and Black July. He is truly the wizard peeking behind the curtain.   And as much as Bravo has changed how business is done the only other thing that could top it would be to change the buying power found during this holiday season to be the month of July (Black July).  Gone are the Christmas lights when you go to buy Halloween candy, families would spend Thanksgiving together instead of working or shopping, and heaven forbid Christmas was spent reflecting on the amazing life we celebrate.

Like that is going to happen-but truly if Andy Cohen and his team wanted to solve the plight of retailers and get our economy back on track-they are the team to do it!!!!!! Who knows maybe we will remember what Christmas represents and change the world too?

Written by: Annaliessa Clary - Kansan, Mother, Sister, and Aunt
A.K.A: The Manzo's Checkbook
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