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The Return of Jill Zarin

The once extremely popular housewife from The Real Housewives of New York City has made her Bravo return to have a one-on-one with Andy Cohen on a special pre-taped Watch What Happens Live segment. Jill Zarin, now one of the most controversial housewives of the franchise, feels as though she was wrongfully fired and did not have a chance to say goodbye.

But does she intend to say goodbye? I believe not. Based on her twitter feed, Jill wants to make a return to the Real Housewives of New York City. Over the past few months, Jill has shown a wide range of emotions towards the new season of RHONY. When the show first aired, she publicly insinuated that the viewers should boycott the show due to its ratings and because “you do not change what works.” Over time, the ratings improved as the audience warmed up to the ladies and related to them in some form or another.
Based on her public opinions, Jill Zarin never got over the fact that Andy fired her and since then has attempted to remain part of the show in some way or another.  Jill has remained in contact with Luann and has befriended Aviva Drescher. While watching the reunion, Jill Zarin said she would have protected Aviva from former frenemy Ramona Singer. Looks like Jill has already picked a side!
The question remains, do viewers want Jill back on season 6 of RHONY? I took an informal poll in where I asked that exact question. 284 people voted! The results were as I had predicted! 48% of people would love to see Jill Zarin back on RHONY and 52% of people would not want her back! Looks like the public is almost equally divided on the matter! Those that voted no said that they do not want her back because Jill is “nasty, mean, two faced, jealous, and malicious.” Those that do want her back said that Jill is “nice, real, dramatic, entertaining and a favorite.” Seems like different perceptions of the same person run high.  If Jill changed her ways, would you give her another chance or do you think she would remain off the show? If Bravo history has taught us anything it is that Bravo listens to its viewers. I am sure that if Pro Jill people want her back and voice their opinions loud enough, Bravo might change its mind.
If viewers do not want her back, Bravo will listen to that too. However, Andy answered a fan and replied “no” when asked if Jill Zarin would return to Bravo. For now, Andy’s mind is made up but anything can happen from now to the taping of season 6 of RHONY. Personally, I have always liked Jill but I do believe she has changed in her four years of RHONY. I still wonder how different RHONY would be Jill remained and LuAnn did not.  With the RHONY season now over, we will play the waiting game and see who the new additions to the cast are. As the unofficial RHONY spokesperson, I will keep you updated on any information that becomes available as well as any updates on our favorite ladies Aviva, Carole, Heather, Ramona, Sonja and Luann! Until then beauties! Xo
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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