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RHONY Season 5 Finale Recap: All Is Well Doesn’t End Well

The New York ladies are in Carole’s ping pong tournament! The ladies enter the tournament with joy but the darkness from Ramona’s charity event lingers over Aviva. The ladies all speak to Aviva about her feelings and advise her to keep a lid on them because things are very delicate. George was at the ping pong tournament along with Ramona and things were a bit awkward. Mario tried to make conversation with George which was a humble attempt to keep the peace. The winner of the tournament was our dear Heather! I have to say, Team Thompson is rocking this episode! Heather’s husband was the voice of reason when talking to Aviva! He gave an outsider’s perspective on the situation and he was spot on!

The next day, Heather unveiled Sonja’s toaster oven photo shoot pictures and they were amazing! I have to say, I would definitely go with the picture with the hot guy. I am sure everyone would love eye candy when they are cooking dinner. Heather also meets with Aviva to discuss her outfit on Heather’s Yummy Fashion Show. Heather notifies her that she will be showing some leg and Aviva feels uncomfortable with the situation. She does not want to be exposed because Aviva feels less pretty. I could not disagree more! I love Aviva! Just like Heather said, it is your imperfections that make you beautiful. Rock out with your leg out and let’s do this!

It is the night of Heather’s fashion show and charity event! The ladies arrive to the show and get comfortable! Aviva looks spectacular!! The only thing is Aviva still feels self conscious! Why? You are perfect! She wants to have her hair down and Heather is firm in her decision and tells Aviva her hair needs to be up like the rest of the models. Aviva also does not want to wear a jacket because if she does, all the focus is on her legs. By not wearing a jacket, she shows more skin and that can serve as a distracter from her prosthesis. Again, Heather forbids her from doing so. While the models are getting ready, Ramonja go up to the photographer of Sonja’s shoot to inquire about individual photos. The ladies are shocked that no such photos were taken and cause a fuss when the models are walking the runway. Ramona creates more noise by commenting on a dirty glass. By this time it is Aviva’s turn to walk! Oh no! She took off the blazer!! I felt bad for both Aviva and Heather! Luckily those two are great friends and forget about it!

Meanwhile, Ramonja are discussing the lack of individual photos that Sonja did not receive. You can definitely tell that Sonja plays both sides of the fence. She feels outraged when she is with Ramona and she kisses ass to Heather when she is speaking to her. Heather walks right into a conversation that Sonja is having about the pictures and it was not a nice one. Heather becomes furious and tells Sonja to take her ungrateful ass out of her face! Ouch! I have to agree with Heather! Sonja should have requested pictures because I am sure Heather would have agreed! Heather’s husband walks right into the argument and diffuses Heather. Heather does calm down but only after giving two passive aggressive comments. Love me some Heather.

The fighting continues at Carole’s book celebration party! Ramona speaks of Aviva and Aviva darts right at Ramona to confront her! Aviva is disgusted at the fact that Ramona threw out George from her charity event. Ramona states that he physically assaulted her. Aviva calls in Carole and LuAnn as reinforcement and both of them agree that George did not attack her. Across the room, another battle is forming between Sonja and Heather. The two battled it out because Sonja felt entitled to her pictures. Heather brought her back to reality by telling her that she is not entitled to anything because she did it for free! Back to Aviva and Ramona, Aviva calls Ramona a wimp for walking away. Mario gets caught in the crossfire as well. As the episode reads, all is well doesn’t end well is the perfect description to our #RHONY season finale. Next week the ladies face off in the reunion! Can’t wait! Can you?

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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