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RHONY Recap: Season 5 Reunion - Part 2

The second part of The Real Housewives of NY begins with the cheating scandal in St. Barths. LuAnn assures us that Jaq and her are still together. LuAnn is still under the story that she was with her Italian friends the whole night. LuAnn said that Tomas offered her a ride home and she accepted and when they arrived at the house, she showed him around.  Carole and Andy both called her a liar because her explanation did not match the one she gave in St. Barths. LuAnn believes that things just look guilty because she tried to cover things up but it ended up making things worse.

She implied that she tried to sneak off and speak to her French friend (which is why she was speaking French) but she did not know a camera was following her. Andy asked what LuAnn meant when she said “I never change.” She explained that she always get stuck in situations like the one she was in. Ramona intercepted and said that LuAnn loved her men. In all honesty, I believe LuAnn did cheat and she is just trying to deny everything so she does not lose Jaq.
The focus is turned onto Sonja and all her sexual endeavors and nudity displays. Andy asks if Tomas played in her backyard. I do admit they are awkward questions to ask Sonja. I am with you girl! Remain quiet on the matter! Speaking of sexual conquest, George makes a comeback! We are reminded of his sexual innuendo well innuendo is an understatement! Aviva does admit that he might be a tad inappropriate but George is a sweet man. Aviva gets upset when Sonja said that George poked her in the back with his erection because that is implying legal matters. Aviva discusses how she accepts her dad for what he is and for how he acts because she does not know how long she will have her father. She does not want to waste time trying to change him instead she would rather enjoy his company. The same way she accepts her father, Aviva states that she accepts Ramona and Sonja for who they are.
The ToasterGate scandal makes a final comeback! Sonja brought several sketches made by viewers and interns. Andy stepped in and vouched for Heather and pretty much said that it was a slap in the face! Sonja’s life was also visited. Sonja notifies her that she will sell her home in France to pay for her settlement. Sonja’s has suffered a loss, the loss of Milo, her dog. Her dog passed at the end of March and I pass my condolences to Sonja. Dog stories have a soft place in my heart and I hope Sonja finds peace. Even Ramona shed a few tears. Rest in peace Milo.
The battle of the season becomes the focus of this episode when Aviva and Ramona are put on their hot seat. Ramona believes that she has done nothing wrong to Aviva and I have to disagree. Even though Aviva voiced her opinions, she has taken full responsibility for her actions and has apologized. Ramona on the other hand denies having any involvement. Ramona can be a little rude and unappreciative and that wears on a person. I honestly side with Aviva on this because she did reach her boiling point. Ramona held that George deserved to be thrown out of the party while Aviva rejects those claims. I have been an Aviva fan since before the season started and I have to say that I cannot possibly love her more. She has elegance, class, grace, and beauty. She apologizes without pride and gives credit where it is due. She is an excellent role model. Aviva apologized for calling Ramona and Sonja drunks. Sonja said that they were responsible and arrived home at 12am. Carole and Heather protested and called them out on their lies!  The ladies reach a consensus about Ramona and they decided that she does not have a drinking problem. The episode ends with a runaway bride story and light humor. The end of the #RHONY season is over ladies and gents. We will have to see what new changes will be brought upon our NY ladies. We just have to stick around and see!  Til then!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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