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RHONY Recap: Season 5 Reunion - Part 1

At long last we have reached the RHONY reunion! I am sad that I will be writing my last #RHONY recaps! : ( The set is amaze-balls!! They are sitting on purple couches and the floor is illuminated with fluorescent lights! Of course, the ladies still look fabulous! Glamorous! Flashy!

Our sexy Andy begins with directing questions to Carole and why she joined the Real Housewives. The Countess vs. Princess story line was addressed. Right off the bat, LuAnn attacked Carole because she felt that Carole talked a lot behind her back. Carole did not like that LuAnn contacted Ranjana for their jewelry pieces. LuAnn fought back and said that Carole was jealous of their friendship and was insulted that she was called a friend jumper. She also attacked Carole because Carole said Michelle Obama wears their clothes not LuAnn. In all honesty, not many people like LuAnn and she does not do anyone a favor by wearing their clothes. LuAnn has overstayed her welcome on #RHONY and she needs the boot! All her drama drags! She tries to remain relevant on the show but it does not work. One thing we do learn is that Carole does not borrow clothes and all the clothes on the rack are hers lol. Heather comes to Carole’s rescue and put LuAnn in her place! Heather said that LuAnn only want to hear what she wants to hear and anything that falls outside of that is discarded. Again, I’ve said this about LuAnn since season 2, CONDESCENDING! Carole is called a mean girl for her snarky comments in the interviews. Aviva reasoned that it wasn’t so much mean girl comments. They were just surprising comments from Carole because she always seems so calm and reserved. LuAnn relentlessly attempts to talk over Carole several times until she is shut up by Ramona. GOOD!! The countess’ “class” is no more!
The infamous Harry makes a return when Andy brings up the fact that everyone brings up Harry! Aviva contests that she does not like her ex being brought up. Sonja and Ramona counter Aviva’s claims because they say that Aviva is the only one that brings up Harry. Apparently, Harry is known internationally! The focus shifts onto Aviva and her phobias are reintroduced. I really feel strongly that Aviva’s phobias should not be downplayed because they are really paralyzing! As a psychology student, I know the difference between phobias and fears and the psychological effects each one has. Aviva really opened up about her traumatic experience. Poor Vivs still remembers the whole thing. She recounted the story of how she was conscious during the whole accident and she can still remember her screams. It is a terrible thing to go through and I wish Aviva finds the peace within her wonderful heart. She deserves to be freed from such restraints. I love Aviva dearly and I will always stand by her.
The Ramona and Heather feud is revisited! Surprisingly, Ramona did not get defensive! It almost felt like she did not want to upset Heather and was kissing her tail feather. Heather was stern and was very truthful with what she said. Usually, this is grounds for Ramona to get all fired up but she did not! I think it has something to do with what Heather said, Ramona does not like to fight with more than one person. I loved when Sonja said that Heather was like “the tv that was left on” Who says that?? Lol! I think Heather would make lovely conversation!
The reunion took a turn to the St. Barths trip! Ramona and Sonja still believe that Aviva was in the wrong. Aviva gave the most heart felt apology to the Ramonja but they did not fully believe it. I believe that the St. Barths trip needs to be forgotten because I LOVE Ramonja and Aviva as friends. They really are entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, Ramonja still believe that Aviva abused them and acted like a viper. I see both sides of this story but I have to side with my Aviva. She did apologize but the same problem kept coming up over again and of course Aviva was going to get upset! It is only natural!       
Next week looks even better!! Luann’s cheating is brought up as well as George!! Sonja and Heather go at it! PLUS, Ramona goes off on Andy!! Make sure you tune in!! See you next week!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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