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RHONJ Recap: Season 4 Reunion - Part 3

The third and final part of the Jersey reunion aired and what a reunion it was!
The third part begins with Caroline’s “prediction” of Joe going to jail and Teresa making a book out of it. Caroline immediately backs down from that comment and describes it as a”hypothetical.” It is complete BS! Caroline said it had nothing to do with their marriage, it was about the sensitivity of the information that Teresa puts out there. The magazine articles are brought up again and the ladies hash it out.

Jac throws in jabs and honestly they are annoying. Andy takes a turn and talks about Joe’s case. Andy says that he might face up to ten years if he is found guilty. Joe is not worried and brushes it off as “whatever.” Teresa said that she asked the family not to talk about Joe’s case but they did anyway. Jac and Melissa fought back and questioned why they can’t talk about it when it was in a magazine. It is plain and simple, Teresa said not to talk about it so don’t talk about it. Joe claimed that Chris told him that he met Jac as a stripper in Vegas (lol), this fired up Jac. She defended herself and said that Chris met her in Chicago. Jac, angered, wished Joe went to jail because he is a low life piece of shit. Who argues with a husband?? Oh my goodness!
The rest of the men take stage and fireworks erupt from the get go. The Joe feud is touched upon and Joe says that things went sour because he was actually successful insinuating that Juicy was not. It is extremely sad to see that Teresa and Joe have drifted apart.  Teresa blames the rift on Melissa and Melissa fires back with the innocent card again. Teresa and Melissa exchange heated words about why the family has problems. Teresa is hurting over the fact that her brother is moving and Melissa blames it on Teresa. In the course of this heated exchange, Jac gets involved which angers Teresa. Teresa ignores her and Jac quiets down. Stripper accusations fly across the room and this is the only moment of humor in the whole episode. Joe worked for Chippendales! Hot! He apparently had an elephant thong! Lol
The saddest part of the episode, in my opinion, was where Joe said that he did not feel anything when Juicy called Teresa a C YOU Next Tuesday. It broke my heart. Juicy said that it is despicable of Teresa’s own brother not to defend her if someone is calling her names in his presence. Joe agrees and says he has never been around anyone who has. LIE! In Napa, Caroline called Teresa a disgrace! Richie said “burn the bitch on a stake” and Joe didn’t do anything. Selective memory works!
Fast forwarding a little, we arrive at the part where Joe pleads to Teresa to just say the truth. Joe says that their dad told him that Teresa said Melissa was a stripper. Teresa denies all claims. Melissa smiles through it almost as though she is happy that she is getting under Teresa’s skin. Teresa brings up their parents and it’s heartbreaking. Joe almost breaks down when he tells Teresa that she took their parents away from him. Teresa is almost brought to tears when she tells him that mom and dad love Joe very much. Jacqueline interferes yet again and Teresa explodes. She gets out of her seat screaming to stay out of it and pleads to Andy to keep her out! Rightfully so!
Kim D is welcomed onto stage to discuss the events of the Posche Fashion Show. Kim admits that she was behind the whole set up! She said that Teresa did not know what awaited them when they went to the salon and was completely innocent. Kim D states that she was harboring ill feelings towards Melissa which is why she set up the strippergate scandal. Kim D also stated that Teresa knew who the target was but did not know what it was going to be about, BUT Caroline and Jacqueline knew too! So why just point fingers at Teresa? Hypocrites! Melissa said she wants nothing to do with Teresa. I bet if Jac and Caroline mend things with Teresa, Melissa would be quick to jump on the wagon. The reunion ends with Caroline talking about family and alludes to the fact that one day all of them will sit around and laugh about these dark times. That is a wrap ladies and gents! Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has finished and so now we wait for season 5 that should be back in April 2013!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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