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RHONJ Recap: Season 4 Reunion - Part 1

To say that the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion part 1 was crazy is an understatement! This episode was explosive and insane! To think that there are two episodes left of the reunion is mind-blowing! Let’s break this reunion down bit by bit! On the right couch we have the beautiful Teresa, average Melissa, and redone Kathy. On the left couch we have recomposed Jacqueline and shit stirrer Caroline. The reunion starts off by addressing Jacqueline absence in last year’s reunion.

It is explained that she was disgusted, hurt, and was over the show. By this time, Caroline already spoke over Jacqueline 50times. It is intense! So much hostility in the air! It becomes apparent that they all brought their AK-47s ready and loaded! The ladies begin to fight over the Posche Fashion Show because it is directly related to Jac’s absence last year. Jac says she had a recording that proves Teresa to be guilty and she remembers that at the beginning of season 3, according to Jac, Teresa asked Jac to set up Melissa. Allegations flew as to who was behind the fashion show set up but Andy interfered because this specific topic will be saved for later on.

Teresa explained that she has not seen any of the Housewives all year except for Melissa at Gia’s party. It is incredibly dumb that Melissa took this as an opportunity to look like a saint because she told Gia to follow her to the car so she could give Gia a lot of presents. Melissa has used the innocent card one too many times that you can’t help but call bullshit! She is a camera whore! She sought camera time before she got on the show, during the show, and off season. I cannot stand her.                
Moving on to more beautiful things, Jacqueline’s son is discussed at the reunion. She recently went public with her son’s autism. I commend her for all the help she has sought for her son and all the help she continues to provide. He is a treasure that will say ‘I love you’ again. This scene was extremely heartbreaking! Teresa tried to lighten up the mood with a joke and she was completely wacked by Caroline. To top it off, Melissa the effen kiss ass was pretending to cry so she can look good in front of Jacqueline and Caroline. Best of luck to you and your family Jacqueline! Hopefully with you as an outspoken voice, awareness will follow.

The reunion took a spin to show very great moment of Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship over the years. After Jac and Teresa made up in Napa, Jac said that she heard Teresa talking crap about her in the RV. If this is true, why was she all happy on the way back home? Doesn’t make sense to me. Regardless, I have hope that Jac and Teresa become friends again.  [Skip over Manzo kids segment] Why was Lauren at the reunion? Why?! Only to talk shit after she dug into Teresa’s blog and picked out words that Teresa wouldn’t know. Who does that? She is picking at someone’s intellectual level; well she should look at her self-worth level. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house Lapband.  Also, very low of her to mention Gia at the reunion! Enough of the garbage, let’s move on! : )

Kathy’s segment is up next and boy oh boy! Teresa and Kathy go at it like 5thgraders! From talking about husbands to motives at books signings, Kathy and Teresa hurl insults at each other back to back. Teresa calls Kathy a ‘piece of shit’ and Kathy fires back with a sarcastic kiss and ‘I love you.’ Teresa whips out a secret---Kathy almost divorced Richie. Kathy shot back with calling Teresa’s mother an ‘effen liar.’ I think at this point, Kathy knew she screwed up. Teresa dares her to raise that insult in front of her father. Kathy calls Teresa’s dad a coward! My goodness! This is simply disgusting! Teresa gave Kathy a dose of her own medicine and said that the ‘coward’ was there more for Kathy and her family than Kathy’s own dad. This makes Kathy erupt in flames! It is during this time that Caroline is trying to reason with Teresa like old times. This sort of made my heart smile because deep down we all want to see Caroline, Jacqueline, and Teresa make up and be like they once were.
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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