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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 4: She Beat Me to the Tweet!

The ladies return for another action packed episode. Joanna and Romain are still at odds over the events that transpired at Mynt Lounge. They head over to the beach to discuss the incident. Romain lets Joanna know that he cannot handle anymore drunk outburst because they are humiliating and defamatory to his business. Joanna is a sweetheart and she does take responsibility for what she does. Romain does not full heartedly accept Joanna’s apology because he knows it will happen again. The two move on and Romain brings up Adriana’s flirting. Joanna get a little jelly and calls Adriana unclassy. I have to say I agree with Joanna. You do not flirt with another person’s man! Especially if you are engaged! Oh man!
Speaking of which, Adriana goes to the house of a famous artist! They will showcase an art gallery and Adriana is posing to be on that gallery. The artist suggests that Adrianna pose topless. Adriana reluctantly agrees because she does not want to pose topless because of her reputation. When the camera went up, she seemed like a professional. She warmed up to the camera and looked beautiful!

We then see a conversation between Karent and her mother in which her mother expresses how she does not like Rodolfo, Karen’t boyfriend. Apparently, they had a bad fight where they broke up for several months. Ever since that incident, karent’s mother does not like him. We see a soft side to Karent because she tries to explain that she is a romantic at heart. I do believe that because of Rodolfo, she does not have many women that like her. In an effort to make Karent see what he is doing behind her back, she shuts others down and marks them as ‘fans.’

Lisa and Lenny are enjoying some alone time in their mansion. Lisa and Lenny have been trying to have a baby for the past 2 years and it has been a struggle for them. With their age working against them, they have not been able to successfully carry out a pregnancy. It is unfortunate when Lisa tells us that she has had 3 miscarriages. We remember Jacqueline Laurita’s struggle during her pregnancy. Let all keep hoping that am miracle baby is on its way to Lisa!   

Adrianna attends the art gallery and Lea and Karent accompany her and show her support. In this gallery Adrianna meets her idol, Carlos Cruz Diaz. She immediately shows her appreciation of him and tells him how much she admires him. Adriana asks for a picture to put on twitter. She is thrilled to know that he is willing to take a picture. Soon after that, Karent takes a picture with him as well. This infuriates Adriana because she feels Karent trivialized her moment because she knew nothing about the artist. In all honesty, it wasn’t a big deal. It was something so minor! She got hit over the head with a hammer because she tried to support Adriana! She is so ungrateful!

In anther Art Event, Adriana invites Alexia, Lea, Ana, Elaine as James, and Lisa. The ladies say hello to each other and quickly bring up the events of past art events. Adriana tells Lea, Lisa, and Ana about what Karent supposedly did. They say that she talks to much, nosy, too loud, and annoying. I totally do not agree! Karent is a sweetheart! Lisa defends Karent and advocates for her. One thing is for sure, you don’t beat Adriana to the tweet lol. The next day Joanna, Lisa, and Karent soon go to dinner and notify Karent about what the ladies were saying about her. Karent is clueless about these accusations because they were stupid! Joanna also throws in a dig because she is still upset about her pass at Romain. I would too ;)

It is Joanna’s big day and Joanna and Marta are putting on their make up when she tells Marta that she received a call that Romain was making out with someone at the club. Romain walks in and Marta leaves the room. She has a heart to heart with her and all is well, or so we think. When they are the LGBT event in Miami beach, Marta tells the ladies that someone saw Romain making out with a girl. The girls are crushed and shocked! I believe this was not right for Marta to say because it was not her business. She might possibly turn the girls against Romain. If he did make out with the girl, what would be a possible solution? Is this grounds for a break-up? I mean they have been together for several years, would this be forgiven? What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was making out with someone?

Written by: Mr. Housewife

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