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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 6: Sexting Candles

Hello everyone, it’s me iRealHousewives covering for Mr. Housewife this week. What do you get when you put a drag queen? A pocketbook? Kicking someone out of an event? Cheating allegations? And hot group of ladies? We get Episode 6 of The Real Housewives of Miami, Season 2.

The Episode starts off where episode 5 ended where Joanna warns Karent that Adriana will confront her at Alexia’s Venue Magazine party. Bring on the drama and catfights….
Round 1: Mama Elsa vs. Elaine:
Mama Elsa and Adriana are sitting and talking when the fabulous Elaine (Lea’s best friend and drag queen) arrives and Mama Elsa is not having it with her. After hearing that Elaine’s been talking about Marysol, Mama Elsa is set to protect her daughter. She confronts Elaine telling her the infamous line “Who the hell are you?” She lets her know why she (Elaine) is so worried about a red carpet event and even threatens her with hitting her with her pocketbook. I must say I found extremely hilarious. Elaine has trouble understanding Mama Elsa which infuriates Mama Elsa even more. Elaine tries to help Mama Elsa stand up and Mama Elsa does NOT want Elaine to help her. The argument ended well however I wanted more from them to be honest. Maybe it’s because I cannot get enough of Mama Elsa. I LOVE HER!!!
Round 2: Lea vs. Marysol:
The next confrontation is now between Lea and Marysol. Lea hands the Black Gala invitation to Marysol and tells her she has heard that she thinks she (Lea) doesn’t like her (Marysol) etc. I have a feeling the Lea vs. Marysol over the Black Gala drama will be their storyline for the rest of the season and I’m frankly getting bored of it. Moving on…
Round 3: Adriana & Alexia vs. Karent:
Adriana confronts Karent and calls her out. She pretty much tells her she (Karent) needs to take it down a notch. She is frustrated and irritated with her especially since Karent beat her to the tweet. Alexia witnesses Adriana and Karent arguing and she joins in and tells Karent she is not going to allowed this at her event. Alexia basically calls Karent fake and tells her why would a dentist have a publicist? Karent tells her she is the face of Colgate and then Alexia calls her the background of Colgate. I must clarify this: Karent is the face of Colgate in Latin America, her commercials usually run on Univision Network. She also lets Alexia know she is also an actress.
Karent tells her she has no problem with Alexia however Alexia doesn’t even give her an opportunity to talk. Alexia directly blames Karent when Adriana was the one confronting her (Karent). Karent mentions to Alexia, she has wished her son well and that’s where Alexia goes cray cray. I can understand where both ladies are coming from. Karent didn’t mean to bring Alexia’s son maliciously, I think she was trying to make a point. And Alexia due to the nature of her son’s tragic accident her emotions got the best of her (I can’t blame her, but I do believe she was out of line with Karent). Alexia tells her she needs to learn her place she is the new girl in the group. Alexia tells Karent to leave the event. During that moment I felt bad for Karent. Alexia came out of nowhere and Cuban Barbie became a mean girl IMO. While Karent was walking out the ladies were making fun of her which I thought was beyond rude and mean. My heart went out to Karent this episode, she didn’t deserve that.
Next we see Alexia and Ana talking about Frankie’s accident which broke my heart for Alexia. Alexia ends up having breakdown (as any parent would). I’m glad to see Frankie is doing much better. My biggest prayers go out to Frankie, Alexia and her family and I wish Frankie a speedy recovery. I have a feeling he will bounce back in no time. Next Scene: Karent invites Lisa over for a glass of wine and updates her on what happened at Alexia’s Venue Magazine party. Lisa is shocked, and pretty much tells her she has her back #TeamWolfPack!!
Next scene we see our beloved Supermodel Joanna Krupa. Joanna goes through Romain’s emails and finds out he’s been talking to another woman which breaks Joanna heart (and mine too). Joanna calls Marta and tells her what she has discovered. Next we see Joanna and Ana shopping at the supermarket. Joanna tells Ana what she found on Romain’s laptop and asks for advice. Ana gives Joanna great advice and tells her that maybe he was looking because she has sort of ignored him due to her career. Joanna decides to confront Romain and prepares him a romantic dinner. With Ana’s risotto as the recipe, she starts cooking and invites her sister Marta over so she can help her. I must say the Krupa sister in the kitchen was hilarious!! It’s clearly they don’t cook which made good TV. This was my favorite moment of this episode.
Lastly Marta leaves and dinner is ready. Romain arrives and is shocked and surprised to know after 5 years being together Joanna finally cooked dinner for him. While having dinner Joanna drops the bomb to Romain and tells him she went through his laptop and found out he has been talking to another girl. She is hurt and he tells her he owns it. He pretty much calls himself a coward for not having the balls of telling her sooner. He tells Joanna he wanted to leave her since she has been was too busy for him. Joanna acknowledges this and they decide to start over and try to put this behind them. Do you think Joanna should have forgiven Romain? Only time will tell. Next week looks Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Frances is going to start some drama with the Krupa sisters and the infamous bitch slap between Joanna and Adriana. I can’t wait! Thanks for reading.
Written by: iRealHousewives
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