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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 6: Eager Beaver

The Real Housewives of Miami – Season 2 – Episode 5: Eager Beaver

Hello Everyone. I’m iRealHousewives and I’ll be covering this week for Mr. Housewife. So wish me luck, it’s my first recap. Here we are on Episode 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami. The episodes start with Marta arriving at Romain’s night club to discuss about their issues. Joanna doesn’t want to be in the middle any longer so she advises Marta to talk to Romain.

Romain let’s Marta know that he has no problem with her staying at his place however she needs to stop being lazy and start doing something with her life. He reminds her that he and Joanna had to work hard for what they have and he basically wants the same for her. The funny part was when Marta tells Romain “I mopped the floors the other day” and that she doesn’t want to be labeled as Paris Hilton (I wonder what the Richard sisters thought of that comment). She lets him know that she is considering moving with Lisa so that Romain and Joanna can work on their problems and he agrees. Side Note: Every time Romain is on screen I have to rewind the scene since I just focus on him and black out everyone around him, he is HOT isn’t he? LOL!

The next scene we have the lovely Ana teaching Joanna how to cook. Joanna tries to help Ana chop some vegetables but by looking we know she doesn’t spend that much time in the kitchen but she’s a supermodel, I wouldn’t either if I was her, right? Joanna then tells Ana if she finds it strange that Rodolfo added her on Facebook which Ana replied that how Rodolfo started flirting with her telling her the he is craving Cuban etc which leads Joanna begins questioning who to believe; Ana or Karent? My question is who do you believe? I believe both of them in different ways but anyways back to the recap. This scene ends in a good note when Ana give Joanna an apron to wear and the apron is a body of a man with a penis and they both joke how the small penis looks.

Rodolfo and Karent arrive home after Karent picked up Rodolfo from the airport. She begins telling Rodolfo about the drama with the girls, and Rodolfo is not interested of hearing about it. He wants to enjoy his time with Karent but she (Karent) can’t help herself which Rodolfo tells her she needs to stop caring what people think or talk about her since she always worries about what people think of her and that she needs to be more of a bitch and not care, which I agree with him.

Lea heads to local news station NBC 6 to promote her fabulous Black Gala charity event, stating she reveals Tony Bennett, Queen Latifah, and Deborah Cox will be performing at her Gala among others. Say what you want about Lea but I think what she does is an amazing, mazel to her. Next we have the lovely and bubbly Lisa Hochstein as she supports a good friend of hers at her charity event which is The Hearts and Stars Gala. We see Lea arriving and WOW, did you see how huge her boobs are? She is showing off her twins and ready to party the night away.

And finally what we all have been missing… MAMA ELSA is back! Finally. I think BRAVO should have her in every single episode. I mean if they show the Manzo kids in every episode of RHONJ then why we can’t see Mama Elsa in every episode of RHOM as well. Mama Elsa and everyone are greeted by Real Estate mogul, Thomas Kramer. He is very over the top character that everyone seems to know and love, and we know this won’t be the last time we will see of him as we’ve seen on the trailer of Season 2. Lea tells Marysol that she should attend the Black Gala despite their differences and Marysol agrees to attend. Lea and Marysol talk about Phillip whom Lea warns Marysol and jokes that Phillip got his green card and left, which Marysol is clearly not happy by Lea’s joke. Side Note: I must say Marysol looked stunning in this episode, she looks fabulous and sexy.

Then Karent arrives with Rodolfo which the ladies begin to talk about them. While the ladies talk about them, Karent and Rodolfo try to lighten the situation by playing tongue wars aka kissing, joking around. I do think Karent is trying to be liked a bit but she is not as bad as the ladies make her out to be. I find her to be sweet; she has a good heart maybe her confidence and being a former beauty queen she is just used to being poised and people mistake that as being fake? Who knows but I like her. Anyways, we see the Krupa sisters taking as Joanna want to know how the conversation between Romain and Marta went. Marta updates Joanna telling her that she told Romain that she thinks is best is she moves out and Joanna starts crying and gets sad since she feels protected of Martha since she is her baby sister after all which I can relate to Joanna.

The best scene was watching Mama Elsa shaking it, dancing and having fun, and she can sure dance, every time Mama Elsa enters the screens we know there’s going to be a party. She is the real reason why we tune in, in my opinion.

The ladies talk about how annoyed they are of Karent, they agree that she comes across as fake and that she is loud and they get irritated by laugh and Lea agrees (Didn’t Cristy and Larsa used to get irritated with Lea’s laugh as well during Season 1?). Adriana is bothered by Karent’s behavior and says she is out of control. The party ends and the next scene the see the bubbly and sexy Lisa as she showers her dogs and she does it in a sexy way, in a bikini people, she looks super sexy and she has a great body. Every time Lisa show’s up I know it’s going to be fun, she is just so fun to watch, and I love her. Lea invites Adriana and Joanna to a food and wine tasting for her Black Gala event. Joanna tells Lea if all the girls will be attending the Black Gala and Joanna is curious if Marysol is also going she there was drama between Marysol, Lea and Elaine. Joanna tells Lea the girls were curious and Lea gets sort of defensive saying why Marysol talking about it is since she thought they have moved on from their issues and says it’s not personal its business. We see Lea in her confessional insisting that Marysol needs to stop talking about it and in my opinion; Lea is the one that keeps talking about it, not Marysol. Marysol only brought it up a few times and I feel like Lea wants to make this her storyline this season. Is Lea trying to stay relevant with the Marysol issue? I don’t know I’m just speculating.

As Adriana makes a flighty joke about the food, Joanna finds it the perfect opportunity to confront to Adriana if she was flirting with her fiancé (Romain) and Adriana looks surprised and tells her she was just being friendly and she didn’t mean to flirt with him. Basically Adriana was just teasing with Romain joking, and then Joanna brings up that Lisa has told her that the ladies were talking about Karent and that she beat Adriana to the tweet and that they were being mean girls. Lea laughs about it and Adriana isn’t having it. She starts getting defensive and over talks over Joanna and tells her that Karent doesn’t know her place; she is such a wannabe etc. She tells Joanna she doesn’t dislike Karent and she feels the need to confront her about it. Adriana thinks Karent is socially embarrassing her since she brought her to the group and everyone agrees with her. Let’s rewind back to Season 1. I find it hilarious that Adriana thinks Karent is out of control and over the top since that’s what Cristy and Larsa accused Adriana of during Season 1.

Ana and her daughter arrive to see Alexia as she is working on an event for her Venue Magazine and they start talking about Karent once again. Alexia says she heard from one of her friends that Karent went to a store or shop and asked she can borrow clothes for Alexia’s event which Alexia is not to happy about it and Ana calls Karent eager beaver and they both laugh about it. Lastly we see Karent driving to Alexia’s event and Joanna calls her to warn her that Adriana will confront her about the tweet drama and Karent tells Joanna thanks for being a true friend. And the episode ends there. We will have to tune in next week and see what happens. So the question is: Do you think Karent is an eager beaver? Tell me in the comment section below and give me your point of view.  Thank you for reading.

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