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iRealHousewives Interviews Twitter Parody Account: Caroline Wacko

Hello Readers, welcome to iRealHousewives. For the month of October in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll be posting parody interviews with some of the most hilarious Twitter parodies of the Real Housewives franchise. Please note these interviews are not meant to offend anyone, this is just for fun and entertainment purposes only. Beware some of the questions or answers might be either, harsh, direct but it’s all for fun. It’s not intended to disrespect or offend anyone.

Last week we interviewed the fur fabulous parody account Jody Klaman from RHOV. This week in honor of the final part 3 reunion of RHONJ I’ve interviewed Twitter Parody Account Caroline Wacko. According to her Twitter bio she is a bully and judges everyone, she is the matriarch of her family and if you disagree with her you be called garbage and a disgrace by her. So buckle up people and read my exclusive interview with her.


iRH: Hi Caroline Wacko, how are you today?


CW: Hi Honey, I'm doing great, no complaints.....

iRH: Thank you for agreeing of doing this interview. How would you describe your experience this season of the RHONJ?


CW: I'm mortified, Its been a wild ride, I can say I’ve never been so disgusted with any season as I am with this season, I'm just glad its all over.

iRH: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?


CW: This is easy. I’m sweet, forgiving and thoughtful. I'm sure all the readers would agree.

iRH: In one word, how would you describe your co stars?


CW: Jacqueline- Puppet! Melissa - Stripper! , Kathy - Katfish! Teresa - Disgrace!

iRH: Would you say this season has been the most drama filled season yet?


CW: Absolutely, Let me tell you something about my family, we are as thick as thieves and we stick together. My family had no drama however, we have 3 families torn to shreds continuously by this selfish disgusting person and when I called her "Garbage" I meant it.

iRH: A lot of fans have been calling you a bully this season. Would you like to address this subject?


CW: Look, I'm a woman of many hats, bullying may be one of them and I own it, Buckle up! Do you really think I’m a bully? You better say no or I’ll call you garage and you’ll be a disgrace!

iRH: Do you think you and Teresa would ever be friends again?


CW: Absolutely not, I'd rather roll in broken glass. She has slammed my kids and me in her cookbooks. I’d rather be my Italian then hers. When I look at her I'm disgusted, there’s No way in HELL!

iRH: Why do you at times talk over or for your friends and family members, especially Jacqueline?


CW: Well as you all know I'm the matriarch of this family and when I speak, I speak for my family. Also Jacqueline is in no state of mind to be speaking to anyone as she’s drunk off boxed wine and high on Xanax.

iRH: If Any Cohen brought back Danielle Staub for Season 5, would you return having her part of the show?


CW: Absolutely not! When I look at her all I see is smoke and mirrors and What Danielle did to my family is unforgivable, she's a disgrace and when I called her "Garbage" I meant it... Next question!

iRH: Do you ever regret joining the show?


CW: No, however I do regret not ending relationships sooner. This show has helped my boys start there business "BLK WATER" which I'm sending you case, you just have to pay for shipping.

iRH: Would you ever consider doing a cookbook yourself?


CW: Never! I think its pathetic how Teresa sold all her moms and Kathy’s moms recipes, she can't cook. I’ve never seen her in the kitchen. She’s a disgrace!

iRH: Why can’t you accept Teresa’s apology? She has apologized to you more than once


CW: Is this a real question? ... She is not sorry. When she apologized it was not sincere. Does it say stupid on my forehead? I don't want an apology from her, I want her out of my life for good. Next question!

iRH: Congratulations. I know you will be releasing a book soon. What can we expect on the book?


CW: Thank you, it’s about what family means to me, it’s full of advice and wisdom. Also I’ll be talking how I’m not a bully, just because when I attack someone constantly it’s not bullying, I’m always right, point, period and that’s the truth. Next question

iRH: What do you think really went down at the Posche Fashion Show?


CW: Teresa planned it all, Teresa will stop at nothing to destroy that family. I recall Jacqueline receiving text by a mutual friend that night saying Teresa was out for blood. What you have remembered is you only see bits and pieces of that night. Kim and Teresa were ready to attack Melissa and expose her as a stripper. And for Teresa to throw it on Jacqueline was ignorance at its finest, I think Jacqueline finally had her "Uh Oh" moment with Teresa. She's a disgrace!

iRH: Are you friends with any of the other Housewives from different cities? If so, who?


CW: Yes, I'm friends with Alexass from OC, she's a doll and Jody Klaman from Vancouver. Jody actually gave me a private shopping experience in her store "The Glass House" however I was overcharged $4,000 in merchant fees. I have yet been refunded. My lawyers have been contacted!

iRH: What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?


CW: I'm the matriarch of this family, I don't take advice from anyone, why would I.... I know everything.

iRH: Why did you choose that avi for your twitter giving the middle finger? Do you think that gives a bad message to fans?


CW: Probably but I don't care, I like it! Next question....

iRH: Who were you giving the finger too?


CW: To Teresa and all her fans, there all delusional and pathetic.

iRH: Some anti-fans have picked up names for you like Don Caro, Chuckie, Bully, etc. Does it hurt your feeling reading those tweets?


CW: Absolutely, I'm human but when I stand, I stand with my family and that’s all I need sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.


iRH: In your own words what is a bully?


CW: Someone who continuously attacks people who clearly can't defend themselves. I have zero tolerance for it. PEOPLE LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, STOP BULLYING!


iRH: Why is your name Caroline Wacko?


CW: Well why not? The name clearly speaks for itself, representing me in the highest manner, I have pride and when I speak you will listen. That’s Caroline Wacko.

iRH: Anything you would like to this interview?


CW: Yes, make sure to hit your local stores and pick up some delicious BLK Water!

iRH: Can you tell my readers why should they follow you on Twitter?


CW: Because I'm Caroline Wacko, I speak the truth and give great advice, follow me if not I will find you and bully you!

Disclaimer:  @CarolineWacko is a parody account for entertainment purposes only. No bullying was done during the course of this interview. You can follow Caroline Wacko on Twitter at @CarolineWacko

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