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CONTEST: Pop That Cork with Bubbly Talk Radio!

Attention Bloggers & Readers: iRealHousewives has teamed up with Bubbly Talk Radio for a fun contest which we hope you'll enter! You can win a live interview talking all about YOUR passion!

Before I give you the details regarding the contest, let me give a quick summary more on Bubbly Talk Radio. Bubbly Talk Radio is a LIVE international radio show featuring three hosts from three different parts of the world: London is represented live by Charlotte @LadyCofLuxuria, Australia is represented live by Kiron @Champagnememori, and United States (USA)  is represented by Mella @ChampagneChat.

Each week they get together (virtually) over a glass (or three) of champagne and discuss their love for life, love, food and bubbles. They feature celebrity guests and people who live a "Champagne Life" by pursuing their passions and living effervescently!

I was lucky and honored that I got the chance to be featured on one of their shows as I discussed my passion, my take on The Real Housewives franchise, my blog and a bit about my personal life. If you haven’t heard it yet then click here and listen to me being interview by the lovely fabulous Mella, also known as @ChampagneChat on Twitter.

The rules are very simple. You must tell us what are you most passionate about and why. It could be about anything, like for example: blogging, business, school, life, pop culture, the Real Housewives etc.

To enter, submit a brief summary on what are you most passionate about in the comment section below along with your name and twitter handle. Once the comment has been posted copy your submittal and paste it on Bubbly Talk Radio blog here. Side Note: You must follow both of us on Twitter to participate, follow us at: @iRealHousewives & @BubblyTalkRadio

The contest ends on Saturday, November 24, 2012. The contest winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, November 25th on Bubbly Talk Radio LIVE!! And you will tape your interview with Bubbly Talk Radio on November 28, 2012. Thank you for reading, pop that cork, fill up your flute and *CLINK! With us!
Picture Credit: @BubblyTalkRadio