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RHONY Recap: The Scary Island Curse

Welcome back RHONYgoers :) I hope that you all enjoyed my blog post last week and that you are back for more :) Where can I start?! This episode was, as Aviva described it, off the charts! So much going on! Here we goo!

Besides the partying and drinking, the ladies continued to existvery peacefully and dysfunctionally at the same time. Tomas had arrived at the ladies’ house for a party. Ramona saw this as an excellent opportunity to uncover the truth and she definitely took it, I mean can we expect any less?? Their conversation resembled something like a cat playing with its food. The cat knew it had the mouse trapped; she just wanted to see him squirm. Tomas dodged every question Ramona threw at him and eventually managed to escape the lion’s den. In my opinion, a guilty conscience avoids any conversation. Luann was caught in several lies and her credibility really isn’t that established at this point. Aside from that, her dodgy nervous looks were incriminating as well! In any case, sharing is caring so let’s pass Tomas around for another round, this time with Sonja. I rather just turn the other way on this one.
We are taken to the scene were Ramona and Sonja go look at separate houses to separate the group in the event of a ‘dynamic’ changing emergency. For starters, I feel like these two cross boundaries left and right and to try to reserve a house is not only an insult to Aviva, but to Carole as well. Aerial views bring us back to Aviva. The height and the size of the plane really take a toll on Aviva but with hubby by her side, she weathers the storm and lands safely in St. Barths. Aviva and Reid arrive to the house only to find themselves in a nude resort, population Ramona and Sonja. Taken aback by the sudden surprise of having a male enter the premises, Ramona and Sonja quickly cover up. Reid notifies the ladies that he came to drop off Aviva and will be doing work all weekend long and had no intention of ‘ruining’ girl time. Things seem like they are okay until the ladies come together.
I feel as though Aviva was notified of the conversations that had gone on because things got heated really fast. It became apparent that Aviva was already upset about what the ladies said and let them have it. Aviva did not hold back. As an attorney, I feel as though Aviva’s reaction was not impulsive in the slightest. She remained quiet on a lot of the Ramona mishaps and remained observant and did not engage in an argument until she had enough evidence to justify her emotions. Aviva expressed how the ladies should be grateful to Reid for being so kind as to bring her all the way to St. Barths to unite with the ladies. Ramona and Sonja held the argument that the trip would be different with a man around. A special shit stirring comment made things worse which led Aviva to call Ramona and Sonja ‘white trash.’ Luann threw a comment and backed away and pretended she did not comment on Reid’s arrival. Due to the hypocrisy, a side fight broke out with Ramona and Sonja against Luann. Ramona was really taken aback by Aviva’s reaction because Ramona got red! Out of all the arguments Ramona has been involved in, and trust me there has been a lot, I have never seen her turn red. This either means that she had a nasty sunburn thatmagically appeared OR she was genuinely feeling strong emotion during her argument with Aviva.
Soon thereafter, Sonja attempted to use the ‘hug therapy’ technique on Aviva to try to defuse the situation. Aviva and Sonja broke off into another argument over what was said about the trip.Ramona interrupted and delivered a very heartwarming apology to Aviva. It is very obvious that Ramona really cares about Aviva. They arrive to what seems as a cease fire and all seems calm.Unbeknownst to the ladies, Sonja is having a reaction to the events that had just taken place. Probably the most distraught out of ‘Ramonja’ was Sonja. She disclosed to Ramona that she felt disappointed, betrayed, and angry.
The night was still young so the ladies went to a bar and the tension between ‘Ramonja’ and Aviva quickly built up again which paves the way for next week’s episode. So much went on during this episode! I believe Aviva had a legitimate reaction to an apparent attack on her husband. I also understand Ramona and Sonja. I do not believe their argument came from a bad place and I believe they were caught off guard by the magnitude of the argument. Regardless, if they wanted a girl’s trip, asking a vote to cast off the husband is disrespectful. However, I do believe they didn’t expect things to get as bad as they did with Aviva.
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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