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RHONY Recap: Return to Sender

We are back for the final part of the #RHONY St. Barth’s trilogy. Let us begin.

The after effects of the white trash comment are still lingering as Sonja and Ramona reject that comment and look up the significance of the word! After reading the definition, they were able to come to a logical conclusion that they are no white trash.

Carole and Aviva plan on having a double date dinner so their men can enjoy the trip. Ramona and Sonja take wind of this and are angry at the fact that this is diverging further and further away from the girl’s trip they had envisioned. Carole walks into Ramona’s room and immediately is scolded for being a terrible hostess. ‘Ramonja’ feel as though Carole is switching the whole trip around and to them it isn’t fair. Reid is again mentioned as Aviva is passing by Ramona’s room. Uh oh! Shit is about to hit the fan yet again!! Aviva confronts Ramonja about what was just said and a whole argument ensues again! Ramonja make it pretty clear that they are not happy with the dynamic change! Yes I know Aviva said she expected a banner from Ramona, but I think she meant it figuratively, mere to convey the level of support she expected to receive from her friends.

The ladies head off to lunch and it is a disaster of epic proportions, to say the least! As expected, we have another blow out about the girls trip between Aviva, Sonja and Ramona. Aviva scolds the girls for coming to St. Barths with the intention of dancing on tables. Luann attempts to leave Ramona and Sonja follow and have a laugh about what Aviva said. Carole gets up from the table and goes for a walk because the ladies are speaking about airplanes which strikes home for Carole. She remembers her friends and husband and how their deaths were very close in time. The tremendous sorrow Carole must have undergone must be unimaginable. She is a very strong woman to have pulled herself in what must have been the most difficult time of her life. Aviva follows after her when she realized that Carole didn’t leave the table to avoid drama but to clear her head. Meanwhile, while still at the table, Ramona notifies Heather of the double date plans of Carole and Aviva and how they were all ‘fucked.’ Heather confronts Aviva and Carole about their plans and expresses that she feels left out. Heather is pretty upset about it and rightfully so. I feel left out when I am not invited personally so I understand her! L Heather storms off and finds comfort at the beach.

Later that night, Sonja and Aviva come to blows! The first hit was Sonja saying ‘I can’t think of anything more boring than being with your husband’ Ding Ding Ding! Round 4 begins! Sonja describes the trip as a girls gone wild adventure while Aviva is not having it! The ladies exchange heated words that eventually led Aviva to call Sonja a double dealer. The words that come out of Sonja’s mouth mean money, who didn’t know that :P The argument continues when Sonja said that Aviva showed up demanding so much from her and Ramona. Aviva fires back and says she has yet to admit she is wrong and extravagant, elegant, yacht owning Sonja is never wrong. RETURN TO SENDER!

Carole is excited about taking the ladies to Russ’ concert and 4/6 of the ladies attend. Ramona and Sonja stay behind to have some drunk fun of their own. The ladies enjoy the concert and are back at home when they notice that Ramonja are three sheets to the wind! Ramona can handle her alcohol while Sonja cannot. The ladies even point out that there is an air of classlessness when they are drunk. I personally think that they shouldn’t be punished/scolded for drinking! After all, they are on vacation!! I would be Sonja’s drunk buddy ;) Ramona randomly gets off the table and decides she must go find the key to the safe in which her passport is in. We quickly learn that this was just a ploy to ditch the other women because they are ‘boring.’ That was a bit mean Ramona. The ladies break the tension by jumping in the pool and pushing Ramona in. This concludes the trip to St Barth’s. When the ladies arrive back to NY, they will deal with all that was said at the trip. I believe there are only 3 episodes left of the season then the reunion! We will just have to see!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
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