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RHONJ Recap: The Set-Ups of all Set-Ups!

Welcome back everyone! I am back from my one week hiatus! I had a pile up of school assignments and essays that I almost made me go insane. Never fret, I am back. Speaking of which, what a welcome back I was thrown into! The season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was so explosive that other sister housewives cities were tweeting up a storm!

Bethenny Frankel, Taylor Armstrong, Cat Ommaney, LuAnn De Lesseps, Kyle Richards, and Cindy Barshop all tuned in to see the shit storm that Bravo created! Let’s face it ladies and gents, Bravo hit gold with this season finale. There have been many theories as to what happened and who set up who, so let us begin with how things played out. 

The ladies were at the fashion show enjoying their dinner and conversing until Angelo came up to the table booth and introduced himself to Melissa. If you look carefully, you can tell Melissa had an “oh shit” moment. When the awkward exchange finished, Melissa told Kathy that she couldn’t remember where she knew him from. Teresa tells them that her heart is racing. Melissa and Teresa head to the restroom and it is here where Teresa tells Melissa what Angelo had said earlier in the day. Immediately, Melissa is taken aback by the news and wonders why Teresa would be questioning her. Um, I would too. It is called curiosity! Same way you wonder about her finances, yeah that same way. Melissa calls Joe and Teresa becomes upset because he was called. She did not want to put her brother in harm’s way. Of course, Melissa saw this as a guilty conscience not wanting to get caught. Melissa heads back to the table while Teresa tries to find Angelo. Angelo is gone.

Jacqueline is receiving texts from a “source” that is saying something is going down. She passes the text around to the Meddler Manzo, or should I say Manzos since Lapband was there, which “validates” her thoughts. The ladies go outside and by a mere surprise we see that Joe and Richard have arrived. Furious, Joe tries to find Melissa. Kim comes out of the fashion show to see the ruckus that has unfolded thanks to a couple of instigators. Joe and Kim square off and Joe throws insults left and right. I have to say that I felt bad for Kim but Joe had every right to be mad. I feel like he is just a pawn in this whole Melissa and Teresa battle. Joe hurls insults like “go sniff a line” and “get the eff out of here you crack whore.” Kim is then taken inside the event while the RHONJ are left outside.

Jacqueline claims that her “friend” had told her she overheard this from Angelo in the PFS just moments before. This leads her to believe that Teresa was in on this whole set up. Of course, Caroline took this as an opportunity to bash Teresa over something she didn’t do. Melissa gets in the car with Joe while Teresa exits the PFS. She tries to talk to Joe but in slithers the Melissa snake, hissing words to Joe to hurt Teresa. Hello fame whore, did YOU forget you were mic’ed? Off they went and Teresa is left to deal with Jacqueline. Teresa confronts her and asks her if she was the one who instigated this whole situation by spreading a lie. Jacqueline retells what the text says. Teresa and Jacqueline exchange very heated words and Jacqeline is “shattered” which is why she didn’t attend the reunion.

To be honest, Teresa had nothing to do with this. I feel like she spoke about the stripper past before which lead others to incriminate her. I believe in her innocence and it is a shame that Melissa wouldn’t believe it. She took this as an opportunity to run with it and victimize herself. I have no doubt in my mind that Melissa poisons Joe against Teresa. “Tell her shame on you” (to put it nicely) was said by Melissa! Can you believe that snake? Who does that and yet she plays the innocent card! Jac said that Teresa knew about this before hand and she is guilty because she didn’t say anything! Jac, you knew too so why didn’t YOU say anything either? By that logic, you are guilty as well.  Melissa has asked why Teresa didn’t alert her of Angelo when they went to the spa. Well honey, let me educate you. Nobody ever mentioned that he was going to be there. Kim D made no mention of an invite to him nor did he say that he was attending. Teresa exited the room because she didn’t want to hear things yet you fail to see that right? I completely understand what she did. Had I been in that position with my SIL, I would have forgotten about that Angelo guy and enjoyed the PFS with my SIL. Why? BECAUSE AS FAR AS SHE WAS CONCERNED, THAT WAS THE LAST TIME SHE WOULD HAVE HEARD OF HIM. But that’s not the way our dear Melissa sees things, anything that makes her look like a victim works to her advantage. How disgusting. I am very disappointed at Jacqueline for spreading those rumors.

P.S. how many times did Caroline say she wasn’t getting involved in the Gorga/Giudice dispute? Wasn’t she all up in the business that night at the PFS?? After this, the PFS for 2012 is at the Brownstone. This MUST be why the GORGAS apologized to Kim D lol! Pathetic desperate wannabes.

See you guys soon! : )


Written By: Mr. Housewife

Follow him on Twitter: @bravo_rhony

Photo Credit: Bravo