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RHONJ Recap: DINAsty of Denial

Welcome back Housewives friends and thank you for reading this #RHONJ recap! J I was pretty fired up from the episode and tweets that surrounded the episode so let’s recap and then destroy lol. This episode was a lighthearted episode. The New Jersey children go back to school so we see all the little angle faces waking up and getting ready for their big day.

That was Milania’s first day of school so, naturally, Teresa was worried about what she would say that might be a bit outspoken. I am telling you that little girl is so adorable and I want one just like her J I am sure she cracks Teresa and Joe up all the time even though she airs out their dirty laundry every now and then. Back at Melissa’s house, little Antonia is gearing up for school as well. While walking to the bus stop, they realize that the bus left them. It’s hilarious how the bus, which must have seen a bunch of cameras, just left. Melissa ran to her car to take Antonia to school. Then the cute stuff is over as we shift over to Caroline.

Melissa pays a visit to Caroline to discuss the Napa trip. In a last effort to revamp Teresa’s and Caroline’s friendship, Melissa was quickly shot down. Caroline put her foot down (lmao) and said she was definitely done with Teresa. A commend Melissa for going to Caroline to talk to her and for telling Caroline that it was very high school of her. Bravo! (no pun intended) I am surprised that she got out of that house without a moronic comment from her daughter. While this conversation was happening, Teresa visited Kathy and talked about the Napa trip. Kathy reassured Teresa that she did not take a side and purposely sat next to her to show support. I always rooted for Kathy and Teresa to mend their relationship without outside clownish influences. Hooray for Kathy! J Melissa continues to make her rounds and Jacqueline is next on her list. Jac visits Melissa to speak of the Napa trip. I was happy to hear that both remained neutral during their conversation and didn’t show a preference for a side.

We see the wonderful Manzo family accompany their popular mother to talk and answer questions on Sirius XM radio. All are mic’ed and ready to talk and divulge their infinite wisdom. I’m not sad to say that there weren’t many callers who tuned in who cared enough about what Caroline had to say. Enough of that subject.

Soon we are taken to Teresa’s Fabellini Launch party! I still have no tried this fabulocity! I MUST soon! OK, this is where things get confusing, well not really because we know exactly what happened. Here is a refresher:

The season finale for season four was filmed before the season 3 reunion, following me so far? OK, there was huge incident on the season finale of season 4 (Posche Fashion Show) Supposedly, Teresa set up Melissa by hiring a man to come to the fashion show to say that he was Melissa’s old manager in the establishment where she was a stripper. Unfortunately for the ladies, they had to film the season 3 reunion the next day while the emotions from the night before ran pretty high.

That said, reports came out saying that Melissa and her brother were not on speaking terms with Teresa. The Fabellini Launch Party was AFTER the fashion show!! So if Melissa was babysitting her kids, they were on good terms. (Kathy was on the Real Housewives Tour in Chicago). SO, something must of happened after OR SOMEONE played a role in turning her family against her. Same thing for Jacqueline, I don’t know why she said that she was upset that she didn’t get invited to the Launch Party when CLEARLY SHE DIDN’T SHOW UP TO THE SEASON 3 REUNION TAPING BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T FACE TERESA right?? So why did she lie? I mean it’s one thing for something to be edited that way but it’s another thing to SAY and lie based on the editing. I love Jacqueline but come on. I am glad Dina went to support Teresa! Someone had to! Dina is a very positive and calming force, she wouldn’t have shown up to Teresa’s event if she felt that Teresa was toxic. Dina backed away from her own family for a reason!! If she backed away from her family because of Danielle, guess what, Danielle has been long gone. She remaining distant for a reason. There are a lot more factors at play here that we do not know about. Caroline wants to play the innocent card and use Teresa as a scapegoat to justify her strained relationship with her sister, try again boo.

To piss me off further make things worse, Lauren continues on her mother’s played out charade of attacking Teresa. She made a comment referring to Teresa’s marriage and ‘language’ when she said “hurted.” Um should we open that can of words Lauren? Those that live in glass houses, should not throw stones honey. Aside from that, she mentions Teresa’s daughters. She tweets “T thinks my lap band is a bad thing- Im healthy now- letting ur husb all u a C as long as he buys u things is a great msg to send ur daughters.”(ahem) Okay, #1, nowhere did she EVER say that she allowed him to call her that. Don’t you remember this was a YEAR AGO. She didn’t hear it when he said it. They dealt with it after. To MAKE IT UP to her he bought her a diamond. I am sure he got an earful when she heard it. Come on it's Teresa! What are they going to do? Divorce? Move out? Separate over that? It’s called a marriage and you work through tough ish like that Lauren. If Vito called you the C word, would you take the easy way out (divorce) like you did with the LapBand? In YOUR case, yes it was an easy way out because you were not obese, you were not dying from diabetes, cholesterol, or high blood pressure. You did not exhaust all your alternatives, you cut right through all of them. For all of the readers who are Lap Band users, I mean no disrespect to you in the least. More power to you! The only reason why I am saying this is because, like I mentioned before, HYPOCRISY AND ME CLASH LIKE TWO RAMS. She is so bitter. She shouldn’t be throwing judgments about other people’s lives or marriages when she isn’t so innocent. No one is here. Time to cool off!

Written by: Mr. Housewife
Follow him on Twitter: @bravo_rhony