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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 1: A Tale of Two Miamis

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Real Housewives of Miami! The ladies are back for season 2 and to call this a great season is an understatement! The scenery is stunning! I honestly want to travel to Miami now! The new season starts off by reintroducing us to Marysol and Mama Elsa. While jewelry shopping, Marysol informs us that she is currently separated from her husband (remember she got married in Season 1).  Mama Elsa cracks me up! It's funny because I don’t think she intends to be funny, she just is! Marysol pre-warns us that the psychic she saw, no not her mother, predicted that she will meet new women in the future that will bring a lot of drama and gossip! Uh oh! What can she possibly mean?

Enter ANA!

Ana is a charming lawyer and a new found chef that loves her family. She currently is separated from her husband but holds a very strong friendship with him (so far 2/7 ladies are married, well technically anyway J). Both she and her husband are attorneys and they work in the same office. This is actually refreshing to know, a  couple in the process of separation can actually tolerate each other, better yet, work together!


The self proclaimed dentist to the stars! Karent is a beautiful woman that rocks a beautiful smile; I think it has something to do with the fact that she’s a dentist? J  She is currently dating a Spanish TV actor, Rodolfo. We quickly learn that Karent and Ana have something in common, Rodolfo! Uh oh! We meet Karent’s lovely parents, which by the looks of it, are reluctant to accept him as her partner.

Lea makes a comeback and presents a house that she thinks should be renovated or torn down. Luckily for them, there is a magnificent house that is down the block. (is it even called a block when there are no sidewalks and there is water instead of pavements?). Lea is in love with that house but is notified that the house has already been purchased by Lisa.

Enter LISA!

Lisa is a ‘walking business card’ for her plastic surgeon husband which specializes in breasts. She speaks to her husband, Lenny, about the new house that they purchased and the celebrity neighbors that will surround them. Daysy, her housekeeper, helps her manage her fantastic mansion! Lisa is Daysy’s personal trainer because they are prepping her for a plastic surgery makeover! How awesome is that! I have to say, I love Lisa’s voice! Weird? I don’t care, I just do. Luckily for us, beauty comes in pairs and Joanna is Lisa’s partner in crime!


Model, animal activist, and future housewife, Joanna is a beautiful woman who speaks her mind. We are introduced to Joanna as she is in a photoshoot and the photoshoot quickly turns sour when she realizes that she will not be featured in the cover of the magazine. It is upsetting when you are told one thing and then there is a rule change halfway through the game. Joanna tells her manager that she will revoke any rights to her pictures if she isn’t featured in the cover. I saw this as a matter of principle, well done Joanna. We meet Marta and Romain, Joanna’s sister and Joanna’s fiancé and quickly learn that there might be underlying tension between those two. We will have to see!

The episode makes a wrap around and gives us Adriana! She is still engaged! Hooray! Her fiancé bought an antique yacht just for Adriana. If you remember from season 1, Adriana loves art. This antique, once restored, will be an astonishing art piece AND Adriana’s home. We see the yacht is under repair but Adriana is still feeling reluctant to accept the boat and what it will offer. In the end, she agrees that it will be a great idea!

 After missing dogs and sand energy, we learn that Adriana knows Lisa through social functions and she plans on introducing Lea and Lisa, since they are future neighbors. The ladies attend their first social function, limo service included of course. The biggest treat of all was that ALEXIA came along with Marysol and Ana! Hooray! Our Cuban Barbie is on her first night out since the tragic accident of her son Frankie. Fortunately he has made an amazing recovery! Alexia is an amazing person and I have the upmost respect for her. She along with the other ladies, mingle and socialize with each other. We are made aware of the tension between Ana and Karent, a possible storyline? Mama Elsa is also at the event making nice with the ladies until she faints on the floor! A mixture of exhaustion, heat, and alcohol might have contributed to her dizziness. The episode ends when Mama Elsa is attended by the paramedics and they give her their okay. This season is very promising and will be awesome! In the bravo formula, with the success of any franchise, there needs to be a villain. All the ladies seem lovely but from what I can deduce from the previews and portrayals in the first episode, I feel as though….hmm no maybe I shouldn’t say it.  We will all have to wait and see! Hope you all enjoyed your early RHOM recap! See you all next week!!
Written by: Mr. Housewife

Follow him on Twitter: @bravo_rhony