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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 3: Mynt Madness

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the Real Housewives of Miami! I don’t understand why people aren’t tuning in! This week we see Joanna and Romain having sexy time! Joanna gets turned down because Romain is writing emails, ouch! Joanna leaves and has a conversation with Marta over her possible move in with Lisa. The tension between Marta and Romain has taken a toll on Marta. I agree, he can be a bit aggressive with his jokes but I do feel that Marta is on the sensitive side. We see Karent arrive to work to Skype with Rodolfo. She notifies him about her prior confrontation with Ana. Ana mentioned that Rodolfo and herself have communicated through texts and it is not a casual thing. Karent stands by what Rodolfo says and brushes it off.

We are taken to Lisa sunbathing by her pool. Daysy brings her a drink and they both discuss Daysy’s surgery. While the ladies are speaking, Joanna calls Lisa to invite her to Mynt Lounge for its 10th anniversary. Lisa finds out that Lea has invited all the ladies to her house for pre-Gala talk but she received a very impersonal invitation. Lisa takes the hit because she wants to get to know her neighbor and decides to sweep it under the rug.

Speaking of Lea, we are taken to her beautiful home. We get to meet her housekeeper, Freda. She is a hoot! Lea walks to her apartment to do her hair and to put ‘bolitas.’ I love her because she decides when she wants to clean and do the household chores. This lady has it going on! She gets her own apartment with electronics. They soon make their way into the pool where she learns how to swim! I have to say, I always thought that Lea was sort of a snob but I was completely wrong. Her home life is very warm and calm! No detachment like I thought!

It is also a big day for Romain! He receives his citizenship!! He is an Americano! Romain was born in France! I had no idea! I could have sworn he was German or Russian! Regardless, it was a major accomplishment for him and we cheers to you! We learn that he started as a bartender, then promoted to waiter, manager, host, director, and then owner! Yey romain!! Speedracer! Next, the ladies attend the Gala meeting at Lea’s house! We are greeted by the fabulous Elaine Lancaster that knows how to make an entrance! We learn that Elaine and Marysol have had a bit of an altercation at an event in which Elaine was not allowed to walk in the runway! Hope things go great this time around.

It is Mynt’s 10th anniversary and the ladies meet at Lisa’s house to pre-party! When the sushi is done, the ladies head over to the club for a night of laughs….or so we think. We, the fans, were forewarned of Joanna’s out-of-control behavior when she drinks! Drama erupts when Joanna and Marta see Marta’s ex-boyfriend. He is an ex because he cheated on Marta and remained with the girl who he cheated on Marta with. Shady? Very. Cheaters can suck a lemon! All of the ladies went to Mynt Club to show Romain support! It turns out that the ladies ended up comforting Joanna instead! She began to berate Romain about Marta ex since he is still a DJ at Mynt! Aside from that, a little tension was brewing between Lea, Elaine, and Marysol over last year’s Gala. Elaine talked with Marysol and they both agreed to disagree. AND Adriana was trying to flirt with Romain! Oh my goodness! THEN, Marta is furious at Joanna for starting drama at the club! Joanna says she cannot control herself because she hates what he did to her sister. Romain is also upset at Joanna for starting drama and he walks out of his own club! So many little heated arguments! I have mentioned this before, RHOM has little bits of drama that seem to be coming together to form a major explosion! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store of all of us!
Written by: Mr. Housewife
Follow him on Twitter: @Bravo_RHONY