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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Baseball Wives' Jordana Lenz

Jordana Lenz popped into our TV screens when VH1 aired Baseball Wives. She was the fun, sassy and youngest cast member of the show. She now talks about her life before and after Baseball Wives and dishes about the show, the drama and her relationships with her former cast members and more in this exclusive interview with iRealHousewives. 

iRH: Hi Jordana, welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you?

JL: I am great!!!! How are you!!?? Thank you for asking me to do this interview.  

iRH: What was your life like before joining Baseball Wives?

JL: My life before Baseball wives was like any other 23year old life. I was finishing school, working, and constantly hanging out with friends and family. It was pretty simple. 

iRH: How were you approached to be part of “Baseball Wives”? 

JL: Brooke who was on the show called and told me she was just asked to do a show called “Baseball Wives” and I was super thrilled for her. I thought it was going to be great to see one of my close friends on TV, like anyone would be for one of their friends!!! She then told me that when Shed Media was talking to her about the show she gave them my name, because I was young and fun and at the time was still talking to Nyjer. I was completely shocked and Brooke said I gave Shed Media your info and I hope you don't mind. I said no that’s great! Well not even 15mins after I hung up with Brooke, Shed Media called and we did a 3hours phone interview. 

iRH: Was the show the reason you moved to Arizona?

JL: The show was the reason I moved to AZ. It was hard living so far from my Family!!!  

iRH: Did you know any of the ladies besides Brooke prior to filming the show?

JL: I didn't personally know any of the ladies before the show. No. I had heard of Anna Benson. It was funny Shed tried to keep everyone distant. None of us girls were allowed to know who else was on the cast. I knew of Jason Kendall, Chantel Kendall’s husband because he was a legend here in Pittsburgh, so I was excited to meet Chantel when I found out she was on the cast! 

iRH: During the show, we first saw you dealing with the break up you had with Nyjer Moraga. Was it hard watching the scene when he was ignoring you on TV?

JL: No, not really. At that point he and I weren't talking. What you saw was him in a hotel totally ignoring me. What you don't see if that he was talking about me, in front of my face and wouldn't say hi to me, being a complete ASSHOLE. 

iRH: Was he aware you were doing the show? 

JL: No. He didn't know about the show, I didn't feel a need to tell him because I wasn't his girlfriend when I was asked to be on baseball wives.... I knew I couldn't make his image any worse then it already was in MLB.

iRH: Do you still keep in contact with him?

JL: No, we don't speak. Thank goodness! 

iRH: I must say you and Anna were the life of the show. Do you think some of the girls were a bit too serious at times?

JL: Awe, thank you. I definitely think some of the women were a little too serious. However, a lot of these women had a lot going on and a lot to lose, if something would have been looked at wrong. 

iRH: The show definitely had drama; did you think some of the girls over reacted just for TV time?

JL: Nope, what you see is what you get. Those reactions were real. 

iRH: Was it hard watching the scene where you got fired you from your job on national TV?

JL: No that was a joke… 

iRH: Watching the show from home when it aired, were you shocked to see some of the girl’s (confessionals) talking about you?

JL: We were still taping when the show aired in the beginning, so we would have watch parties. We knew it was a show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As you see some opinions changed over the 8 episodes. 

iRH: Coming to the show you were the closest to Brooke, what made your friendship drift apart?

JL: The fact that she was lying to everyone.

iRH: Was it hard watching your friendship with Brooke deteriorate?

JL: Yes. When I was watching the last couple of episodes, that’s when I started to find out Brooke had said some not so nice things about me and it was hard. I still don't know if Brooke ever really said those things about me, and I will never know. But yes it was hard. I would get so into the show I would forget I was watching myself and like my friends on TV. (laughs) 

iRH: Do you still keep in contact with her?

JL: No, we no longer talk. I wish her the best though. 

iRH: Who do you think you had the best relationship with on the show?

JL: Probably Chantel. Erika, Maggie and Tanya all knew each other before hand. So I think the new formed relationship is Chantel and I. 

iRH: What is your favorite moment of the show?

JL: Favorite moment.... Probably when we were all in Turks and Caicos. Anna kept saying the word Conch in a sexual way, because the "conch shell" was there claim to fame there... Definitely easy to use as another word.  

iRH: What’s your least favorite moment of the show? 

JL: My least favorite is probably when they show me throwing up over the side of the boat in Turks and Caicos... ewwwwy! 

iRH: How many scenes were “producers” induced?

JL: None 

iRH: Overall how would you describe your experience on Baseball Wives?

JL: Great. I made great friends and got to do things I wouldn't have ever done in my life!  

iRH: Have any of you kept in contact since filming stopped?

JL: I have kept in touch with everyone but Brooke. 

iRH: If the show had a reunion episode, who would you confront and why?

JL: That’s a secret! 

iRH: Are there any regrets you had on the show?

JL: I wish I wouldn't have censored myself. I sometimes held back with what I wanted to say.

iRH: Any word if VH1 will renew the show in the future?

JL: Not that we know of. 

iRH: What has your life been like since Baseball Wives?

JL: The same as how I left it... Simple. Just now a lot more people know my name. (laughs)

iRH: Would you say the show impacted your life for the better or for the worst?

JL: Better. I definitely grew from the experience and have learned to deal with drama and other life issues differently. 

iRH: If you had the chance to do reality TV again, would you do it?

JL: Hell yes. It’s fun! 

iRH: Are you currently single or in a relationship?

JL: That is a secret!! 

iRH: Which is your favorite baseball team and player? Why?

JL: I love the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and of course my hometown team Pittsburgh Pirates. Favorite player.....I don't know! 

iRH: Any upcoming projects you have in the works?

JL: Not at the moment...  

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans? 

JL: Thank you everyone who watched the show whether you liked me or not! Remember everything you see on TV isn't always what was really going on. Every scene had a lot cut out. You can follow me on twitter @jordana01, I also have a like page on Facebook and Instagram (jordanalenz)! Xoxo

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