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Meet the ladies of "Dublin Housewives"

The Real Housewives series is one of the most successful reality TV franchise worldwide. The show started in 2006 with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and expanded with “The Real Housewives of New York City”, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, “The Real Housewives of DC”, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” & “The Real Housewives of Miami”.

The franchise has also expanded internationally with “The Real Housewives of Athens” & “The Real Housewives of Israel” and most recent its Canadian version, which is one of my all time favorite housewives, “The Real Housewives of Vancouver". RHOV are currently filming their second season at the moment.
The Real Housewives series has now reached a new destination in Ireland with “Dublin Housewives” aka “The Real Housewives of Dublin”. Dublin Housewives is a 2012 Irish reality television series which follows a similar format to the US reality series The Real Housewives of… Produced by Ireland's commercial television station TV3 the show follows the lives of five 'housewives' from Dublin - Jo Jordan, Dr. Danielle Meagher, Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan and Lisa Murphy. According to the series premise they are "living the dream with handsome husbands, beautiful children, stylish homes and a fabulous wardrobe”. The Irish Mail on Sunday described the series as unscripted, but with the scenarios contrived by the producers.

The show premiered on May 28, 2012 and has only released 4 episodes at the moment since they are still currently filming the first season. Housewife cast member Virginia Macari confirmed to me via Twitter, the series will return in September, see tweet picture below:

Meet the ladies:

Danielle Meagher

Dr Danielle Meagher is clinical Director of DermaFace clinic. As one of Dublin's leading Botox doctors, Danielle juggles the needs of her clients with a busy home life. She is a Trinity Graduate in Dentistry with a G.Dip in Aesthetic Medicine. Also on top of that she has also sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and has a Yachtmasters, and is also a qualified Aeronautical Engineer. Finding time in her busy and glamorous life this rugby fanatic is looking for love
Followe Danielle on Twitter: @DanielleMARRPR

Virginia Macari

Italian born Virginia Macari was raised in Cork and is a multi-talented woman. Fashion designer, actress and model, she hails from the Macari Fish and Chip dynasty. She has no qualms in admitting that she has “flicked a few burgers in her time”, but is now more used to a jet set lifestyle. Virginia may be almost eight months pregnant, but she has no plans to let that affect her socialite status, or the launch of her new bikini line.
Follow Virginia on Twitter: @virginiamacari

Roz Flanagan

Roz from Monaghan is the back bone and matriarch of her busy family. Along with husband Vincent they have raised four daughters and built a family food empire. Now that her daughters are grown up and embarking on their own careers, Roz is now enjoying having her own time to find a new career but finds it hard to let go of her girls.
Folllow Roz on Twitter: @RozFlanagan

Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy describes herself as being “a bit of a square” and surprisingly shy. But the glamour girl and well known socialite is a hard worker. She feels most at home when working in her own luxurious beauty salon “A New Lisa Life”. When she’s not busy working or gracing the pages of Dublin's glamorous glossy magazines, Lisa spends most of her time at home in Dublin with her Fiancee Solicitor, Gerald Keane. She also has an unusual hobby in that she is a very keen golfer.
Follow Lisa on Twitter: @deseileenpaul

Jo Jordan

Jo Jordan’s lavish surroundings in Castleknock are a far cry from her childhood living on the streets, and later in Ballymun. Since the self-made entrepreneur and family woman became a Mother at 16, Jo has worked hard to provide for her son Gavin, and insists that despite her well-earned fortune, she is still a bargain hunter. She met her husband, James 10 years ago and together they have built a successful business and also have added to their brood with second son, Josh.
Follow Jo on Twitter: @jojordan5

My observations and facts about Dublin Housewives:
  • There are no opening lines from the “Housewives” in the intro

  • The soundtrack of the show is Top 40 radio hits instead of using instrumentals which the US and Canadian version use. Example: The intro of Dublin Housewives is Rihanna’s “Only Girl (in the World)” and it ends with Madonna’s “Ray of Light”

  • The show is only 30 minutes long, instead of a full hour

  • The show has only released 4 episodes and is currently on hiatus
  • Season 1 is still currently being filmed and will return back in September

  • Virginia is sassy and gorgeous, she reminds me so much of RHOBH Kyle Richards
  • The ladies who currently stand out in my opinion are Virginia, Danielle & Jo.

  • We haven’t seen much of Roz & Lisa, hopefully we will see more of them in Sept.

  • The tension is mostly based around Virginia vs. Danielle, which makes great TV 

  • Danielle has been given the Housewives “villain” edit. I would say she is misunderstood. However, one thing for sure she is not boring and drama = great TV

Rumor: Dana Wilkey from RHOBH will star in Dublin Housewives since her new boyfriend is Irish and she is friends with Dublin’s Housewife, Virginia Macari. However, TV3 has not made any official announcement if Dana will be making a cameo appearance or if she is a full time housewife.

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Source: TV3