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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Peggy Tanous

Peggy, the blonde bombshell from Season 6 of Real Housewivesof OC, talks about her life, family, her holistic lifestyle, modeling career,RHOC and more in this exclusive interview with iRealHousewives

iRH: Hi Peggy, welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you?

Peggy: Hi iRealHousewives!!!! I'm doing great!!!
iRH: Being one of five girls in your family, did your sisters ever influence you in your fashion sense as a child / teenager?

Peggy: I guess my second oldest sister influenced me alittle, but I think music videos influenced my fashion sense the most! I lovedlooking at Vogue magazine and trying to copy their looks.

iRH: Who did you look up to as a child?

Peggy: I looked up to my mom as a kid because she stayed athome with me and my four sisters and was very strong and independent. I alsolooked up to Marilyn Monroe. I knew from the time I was 5 yrs old I wanted tobe in the entertainment business. I told my first agent at 9 yrs old I wasgoing to be Marilyn but that I wouldn't commit suicide.

iRH: At what age did you start modeling?

Peggy: I started acting at about 10 or 12 and startedmodeling at 15

iRH: Was modeling a passion of yours?

Peggy: Yes, modeling was a passion for me. I loved andfollowed the careers of models like Paulina Porizkova, Christy Turlington andCindy Crawford. I didn't have the height for runway and high fashion, so Imodeled swimwear, sportswear, fitness and lingerie.

iRH: What has been your biggest accomplishment of being amodel?

Peggy: I did posters and catalogs for Life Fitness,Versaclimber and Coors Light that I'm proud of. I also was the actress andmodel for the Merceded ML class.

iRH: Would you describe yourself more of a girly girl or atomboy?

Peggy: I'm really both! I say I'm the granola girl meets theglam girl. Growing up summers in Utah riding horses I definitely am a tomboyand love skiing, snowmobiling, shooting guns etc., but I also really lovegetting dressed up, facials, massages, the color pink and just being a girl!

iRH: How were you approached to join the RHOC?

Peggy: I originally was approached when they were going intoSeason 2. I was shooting an infomercial for Allergen and the producer hadfriends working on RHOC and suggested I try out. At the time they wantedeveryone to be in Coto de Caza and I didn't think I would want to do reality.Fast forward three years and Alexis got on the show. I didn't even know it wasstill on and started to support her and watch it. It didn't seem so bad. Shecalled me one day after her first season was over and said they were castingand I should do it. After heavy convincing on her part, I thought why not anddecided I would at least meet with producers. My husband’s friend had producerscontact me.

iRH: Where you a fan of the show prior to filming?

Peggy: No. I only watched it the first season to see what itwas about since the Allergan Producer mentioned it and then watched it Season 5to support Alexis.

iRH: How would you describe your experience on RHOC?

Peggy: I had a lot of fun on the show. It was fun to filmand be back at work in the biz and I learned a lot about reality tv. It got memotivated to get back to work and opened a lot of doors

iRH: Looking back now, any regrets?

Peggy: No regrets.

iRH: You made a cameo appearance in the beginning of Season7, what made you decide not to come back for Season 7 of RHOC?
(Note: “We” the fans were sad to hear you were not comingback)

Peggy: Thank you for your support. Before filming theopening party at Vicki's I was questioning going back because one, we were notcoming to terms financially with my contract. When other franchises with lesserratings than OC are getting paid more I felt, if I was going to put my life outthere, I deserved the same pay as the other franchises. Secondly, I was askedby production to do certain things and felt this was not authentic reality orreally me. I filmed at Vicki's party only because I was still undecided andfelt this could help me make my decision. After that night I knew I wanted topursue my own projects

iRH: I know you’re a close friend to Sarah Winchester. Whatwere your thoughts on the whole “Cake Bate” situation?

Peggy: I've been friends with Sarah for about 5 years, sheis a genuine and sweet person. I actually was the one who referred her toproducers to come on for Season 7. Unfortunately, Sarah was going through a badbreak up, so viewers didn't get to see much of the real Sarah. I think thenight of Heather's party the alcohol was getting to her. Sarah is a thin girland typically at these events food is not served until later after alcohol isconsumed. I told her after the fact she should have gone to the kitchen andasked for sugar and that taking a piece of the main attraction for the nightwas not the best decision. I do think, however Heather made a bigger deal outof it than need be. But this is the nature of the show.

iRH: Are you still in touch with any of the girls of RHOC?

Peggy: I stay in touch with Tamra and Gretchen, but not asoften as when I was on the show.

iRH: Have you seen the show and what are your thoughts ofthis season?

Peggy: I have seen it and I think there was a lot going onthis season. I was happy to see Tamra and Gretchen finally bury the hatchet. Itried to get that to happen last season. It was funny to see some of my ideas Itold producers being used by other people. Overall I thought it was a goodseason, but definitely lots of drama.

iRH: Are you glad you decided not to return to RHOC?

Peggy: Yes. It is a great show and I had a lot of fun, butit just wasn't the right format for me.

iRH: You went from being a fan to becoming a cast member onRHOC. Did it made you look into reality TV differently after your experience?

Peggy: Definitely. Reality always seemed so bad and cheesy,but it's come a long way and has taken over TV. It's also amazing to see thestory lines producers create after only a few months of filming

iRH: Being born and raised in the OC, do you think "TheReal Housewives of OC" is a good representation of OC?

Peggy: I think it's gotten much better. The first fewseasons they only wanted people from Coto de Caza and that is inland. Althoughit’s beautiful with nice homes, I think when people back east and in theMidwest think of the OC they think of the beach areas like Newport,Laguna or Huntington Beach.I liked this season how they showed Catalina (my idea) and a lot of different restaurantsetc., not to mention the girls all live in different areas now which is great.

iRH: On your season you talked about postpartum depression,was it hard for you to admit that on national TV?

Peggy: It was difficult, but I was already shooting thisdocumentary and wanted to allow Bravo to film it as well so I could getawareness out there and help other moms

iRH: Would you say you got a lot of support when the episodeaired?

Peggy: Absolutely. I still do. The best part about it washow many women contacted me thanking me for talking about it and for helpingthem to realize they too might have it.

iRH: Where you satisfied how you were portrayed on the show?

Peggy: Surprisingly yes I was. Micah always says they can'tedit what they don't have, so I guess we are genuinely nice people. (laughs)

iRH: Are there any charities that you represent or support?

Peggy: Los AngelesCounty Perinatal Mental Health Task Force is a charity that helps women withPPD and I'm passionate about their work. I also volunteer for our local soupkitchen Someone Cares in Costa Mesa.

iRH: If you had a chance to do anther reality show, wouldyou do it?

Peggy: Yes, I have a few in the works now. But each projectdepends on content and the network involved in order for me to feel good aboutit.

iRH: What made you decide to live in a holistic lifestyle?

Peggy: I got really into working out in my last year of highschool, as I was too thin and wanted more curves. I was also raised to eat veryhealthy. Then when I was 24 I had a boyfriend that introduced me to theholistic and homeopathic beliefs and I was hooked. It was ironic that when Imet Micah he told me his mom is a Naturopath.

iRH: Can you tell us more about your holistic vitamins thatare available for purchase on your website?

Peggy: I sell several kids supplements as well as the bestsupplement I found to work for anxiety and depression. It's the Ultra 5HTP!They are pharmaceutical grade and typically you wouldn't be able to get themwithout seeing a practitioner.

iRH: How did you and Micah meet?

Peggy: We met at a restaurant/bar private opening in San Diego backin May of 2003.

iRH: How did you know “he” was the one?

Peggy: He was the first guy I wasn't trying to change orquestioning things about him. He also always made me laugh and smile

iRH: You're the national spokesperson for Micah's business, can you tell my readers more about this?

Peggy: Micah was the first person to make it possible for aperson to walk out on a website and speak to the site's visitors. He thought ofthe idea while helping me edit my hosting reel one day. He spent two dayswriting code and changed the web forever. It's a technology that brings life toa website. People don't like to read on sites, so this allows a person to walkout and tell your visitors verbally what your company does

iRH: Can you give us an update on your daughters? How arethey doing?

Peggy: London and Capri are doing great and getting so big. Capri justturned 3 and Londonwill be 5 in November. Londondid some modeling for American Apparel in June and now they want both girls forthe next shoot. London starts Pre-K this weekand Capri will probably be starting pre-schoolin Sept! They have been enjoying summer going to the beach and taking all kindsof sports and dance classes.

iRH: You've stated on your website that you love R&B andHip Hop, what type of artists are currently on your iPod?

Peggy: I love all music really. Currently I'm really intothis group Empire of the Sun. I also love the old 80's rock. I also really likeJustin Timberlake, Beyonce, Usher, Nelly, Black eyed Peas and Jennifer Lopez toname just a few.

 iRH: What’s your favorite Movie?

Peggy: I don't think I can name just one, but I love TheCount of Monte Cristo and Taken. For silly fun I love Hot Tub Time Machine. Agood comedy is Just Go with It.

iRH: Who is Peggy’s Celebrity Crush?

Peggy: Johnny Depp

iRH: What's new for Peggy? Any future projects in the works?

Peggy: I have so many things I'm working on it's crazy!Micah and I will be on the premiere of TV Guide's show Nail Files August 19th.Then I've been asked to host and co-produce a mom's show called MILPH (Mother'sin Life, Passion and Health) that is in pre-production currently. I also justcreated two of my own shows! One I will be the host and the other one i will beone of the stars! I will take a producer role on both of these as well! I'mstill working on my Post Partum Depression book that has taken longer thanexpected, but it should be released early fall. I've also been going out oncastings again for commercials and hosting jobs, as well as some modeling too.I’m working on some great new content for my You Tube Channel, Positivity withPeggy! And lastly, we are still coming out with our own wine label

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Peggy: I love you all and want to thank you for being sosupportive. Always follow your dreams and don't ever give up. I've missed notbeing in your homes this past year, but be patient because I will be back inyour home soon and better than ever. Stay positive and remember what we thinkand put out to the universe we get back

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