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Music Mondays: iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Cory Larrabee

Cory Larrabee is a die hard fan of the Real Housewives series, he is most notably known for being Vicki Gunvalson's #1 fan, and the singer and writer of "I Love Vicki" which he wrote as a tribute to Vicki Gunvalson. Cory talks exclusively to iRealHousewives about his upcoming projects and his views and opinion on Vicki and the Real Housewives series.

iRH: Hi Cory, welcome to iRealHousewives, how are you?

CL: Terrible.... Just Kidding! I'm FANTABULOUS, how are you? By the way I love the title you gave your blog, iRealHousewives. It's very modern and catchy!

iRH: Thank you! For those who don’t know much about you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

CL: Yes, my name is Cory Larrabee, friends call me Larrabea$t because I'm such a beast! Born and raised in La Verne, CA, which is a small town, not that anybody cares (laughs). I'm 23 years old, blah blah blah. OH! And I'm gay and I support the gay community, I'm pretty normal. Been single my whole life... any takers?

iRH: You are known for being Vicki Gunvalson’s #1 fan, is that correct?

CL: Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Correct.

iRH: Why is Vick your favorite Real Housewife cast member?

CL: She truly is a real person. Just a raw and straight forward woman, never sugar coated, but she is as sweet as sugar. She’s full of personality and very genuine.

iRH: Have you been a fan of RHOC since the first season?

CL: I started watching at the third season at my friend’s house because I didn’t have cable TV so I didn't know what the show was. But he would say "you just HAVE to watch this show, you will be obsessed." I don't watch much TV, but when all the seasons came out on DVD I bought all of them so I have seen every season.

iRH: You released a song on iTunes titled "I Love Vicki", a tribute to Vicki Gunvalson. How did that come about?

CL: Well I had this beat and I couldn't think of what to write lyrically. But every time I heard this upbeat track, Vicki's face would pop into my head and I would think of all her crazy moments on the Housewives. So after that happened, the lyrics just started to flow out of my mouth. I wrote the song literally in 20 minutes. It was just one of those things that came to me.

iRH: Did you write the song all by yourself?

CL: Yes sir.

iRH: Have you meet Vicki in person?

CL: Yes, and she is amazing!

iRH: The song was shown during the RHOC Season 6, is that correct?

CL: Yes I was on RHOC Season 6 with Vicki to debut my song at one of her book signings.

iRH: How did that come about?

CL: Funny story. After I recorded the song I sent it to Vicki on Facebook, meanwhile I had a friend who left for Arizona with her family for a vacation and she left her car at home. She left the keys with me to watch over it, at the time I didn't have a car, she made it clear to me that the car was not to be taken on the freeway because it was having problems. So Vicki contacted me on Facebook to come to her book signing that same day to show off the song. She said, "bring the song and a CD player... we're filming this." I started shaking of excitement but thinking, "Oh my gosh, but I don't even have a way to get there", so basically I stole my friends car to go film the Real Housewives (laughs). She still doesn't know until now. Sorry Dre! Love you girl (laughs).

iRH: Do you know what was Vicki’s reaction and feedback of the song?

CL: She loves the song. Every time I go to one of her events I have all these people come up to me and say "You did the Vicki song!" (laughs). I've signed quite a few of Vicki's books from her fans. I'm like "but this isn't even my book!" (laughs)

iRH: There were rumors circulating on some blogs that Vicki paid you to do the song, can you clear this up and tell us your side?

CL: Thank you for asking this. Vicki did not pay me and this song was not planned. I'm just a big fan and I love that woman! The only thing that was planned was the filming of the show after the fact that she heard the song.

iRH: It’s my understanding that you were planning to do a music video which Vicki was going to participate for the song "I Love Vicki" however it never happened, can you tell us why?

CL: Awww, yes! We planned on filming the music video at her house, we had the date all planned out and the idea was set in stone. It was going to be SO funny and epic. Actually, half of the music video is filmed, but it is now on the back burner. Vicki called me and told me that Briana was having health complications, as you saw on the show. Which is completely understandable and they had my prayers. I'm glad things are looking up for Briana!

iRH: Any plans of continuing to film the music video since Briana is now healthy?

CL: No plans, unfortunately. Vicki's busy with her life and I'm busy doing my thing. I'm going to college and working and making new music. But who knows, maybe I will be inspired to do a new Vicki song (laughs)

iRH: Besides Vicki, do you have any other favorite housewives in the Real Housewives series, if so who and why?

CL: I love Kim Zolciak from RHOA. She's a cool ass chick, I met her a couple times in LA and she knew exactly who I was (laughs). I also like Lisa Vanderpump, I've been to her restaurant in Beverly Hills. The food was great and the prices are actually pretty affordable, even though I didn't pay (laughs).

iRH: Who is your least favorite "Real Housewife" star and why?

CL: Ooooh the truth comes out (laughs). Ummm... I don't like Alexis from RHOC. I respect her religious ways but I don't agree with her views. And I really don't understand why she is on the show, she brings absolutely nothing to the table. Who is she?

iRH: Listening to your interview on Radio Slade, you mentioned you were working on a song inspired by Slade Smiley’s Radio Slade show. How is that coming along?

CL: The difference between Vicki and Slade is that Slade actually asked me to do a song about him. So the song is complete and he has a copy of it. I'm just waiting to see if something is going to happen with it, Season 8? That would be awesome!

iRH: Are you planning to release that song on iTunes soon?

CL: We will see. It's not one of my best songs but it is catchy. If I get some publicity with the "Radio Slade" song then I might throw it up on iTunes.

iRH: I think you should do a song titled "Whoo Hoo" and have Vicki do vocals on the track saying “Whoo Hoo” in the background, what do you think?

CL: Oh my gosh you are brilliant! I love the idea. I'll have to give you a percentage cut because you came up with the idea. (laughs)

iRH: I heard you mention you’re not a fan of RHONY. Can you tell us why?

CL: They're boring. Actually I heard that the new season has them back in the game after Bravo did a little "clean house" with the Wives. So I wish them nothing but the best and I hope ratings pick up for them.

iRH: A few of the "Real Housewives" have released music, which ones are your favorite and least favorite songs and why?

CL: I love "Tardy for the Party" by Kim Zolciak from RHOA, Kandi did a decent job producing it. She's produced better songs, but it's still my shit while I'm rolling up to the clubs at night (laughs). I actually don't think any of the Real Housewives should have ever gotten into music, I've always been a bit offended actually because music is a gift and a real passion to people who have that gift. For these Housewives to come in and view it as an opportunity to make a buck just cripples my high expectations of the music industry and I lose some respect because it really is abusing music. Sell beauty products, sell handbags, just leave music alone because it's a beautiful gift to have and should never be taken advantage of.

iRH: What has been some of your favorite Vicki Gunvalson moments of all 7 seasons?

CL: OMG, when she went sky diving! I loved that (laugh). And my absolute favorite is in Season 1 when she showed up at dinner with Briana and Colby and said "Hi Princess!" that was a classic moment.

iRH: What’s your opinion regarding all the negative press Vicki and Brooks have been getting lately?

CL: I haven't met Brooks so I have nothing bad to say about him, but as for what we've all been seeing on the show. I'll admit he comes off as a bit creepy on camera, but what we see on camera is only about 5% of their day, so I'm not sure that it's a clear perspective of him. Maybe Season 8 editing will be a little for fair to him, maybe that's just who he is, I don't know. But Vicki is not a stupid person she knows what she's doing and if she says she's in love then she's in love, and I'm so happy for her. I know that she is genuine about it. Let's just hope that Brooks is as well, and not an opportunist. They're cute together. But I do miss Donn. He's a really cool guy.

iRH: Would you release more music inspired by other Real Housewives stars in the future?

CL: Very possible. Actually I shouldn't say this because after I filmed RHOC with Vicki, she pulled me aside and said to me, "Don't you ever make another Housewives song for any of these other bitches." then she laughed, that kind of scared me!

iRH: Are you currently working in any future projects that you can tell us?

CL: I'm really excited about this new song I recorded titled, "Find Me, Tweet Me", because it's the first song ever of mine to have a rapper on the track! His name is Bang Bang and he's incredible! It will definitely be on iTunes maybe in September. His voice gives me the chills and lyrically he's just fresh. And he's HOT. The whole damn package! Jealous (laughs). You can find him on Twitter @Pistol_BangBang or if you think I'm HOT you can find me on Twitter @CoryLarrabee (laughs).

iRH: Anything you want to add to this interview before rapping this up?

CL: You ask a lot of really good questions and this interview has been fun

iRH: Last but not least can you do me a big favor and give me a "WHOO HOO"?


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