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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Jeevan Doman

Most RHOV fans know Jeevan as being the best friend to Ronnie Negus’s son Jhordan Stevenson. Together both Jeevan and Jhordan are currently working on a new reality show together along with two other friends. Jeevan dishes more details about this new reality show which will be based in Vancouver, he also clears rumors and talks about his career goals, and his life. Don’t label him as just a privileged and spoiled rich kid who just parties. Jeevan has a humble soul and knows the meaning of giving back to the community and the term of hard work. Get to know more about Jeevan as he speaks exclusively in this interview with iRealHousewives.

iRH: Hi Jeevan, welcome to iRealHousewives, how are you?

JD: I’m doing great, how are you?

iRH: For those who don’t know much about you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

JD: My name is Jeevan, I am 19 years old from Vancouver, BC. I star in a new reality TV show filmed here in Vancouver with my three cast members: Frankie Cayun, Jhordan Stevenson and Craig Fobourt

iRH: What do you think is the biggest misconception people get from you being the heir and grandson to forestry icon Herb Doman?

JD: The biggest misconception people get from being Herb Doman's grandchild is that some people assume that I am a spoiled trust fund brat that is self centered. That right there is so far from the truth, my friends and family know I am a down to earth individual who understands the value of a dollar. My grandfather was the most influential man ever I am truly so lucky to have had him in my life. He is my motivation and someone I will always look up to. If you know of him, his reputation says it all. One day I strive to be half the man he was.

iRH: You are best friends with Ronnie Negus’ son Jhordan Stevenson, how long do you know each other?

JD: Jhordan and I are really good friends. I have known him since I was a baby as my mother, Darcia and Ronnie are old time friends. Jhord and I attended Shawnigan Lake Boarding School together as well.

iRH: Speaking of you and Jhordan, I know you two are currently working on new a reality show, how did that come about?

JD: Jhordan has the previous experience in the reality TV industry so one day we were talking about how funny it would be if him and myself did a reality TV show. Next thing you know a phone call later and a pitch we were filming the pilot in no time.

iRH: Were you involved with the casing and production of the show?

JD: Both Jhordan and I are involved quite a bit in the production of the show. We like to decide on locations and who and where people will be in the frame. When it comes down to the editing we have a great team that makes everything falls into place.

iRH: Can you tell us what the concept of show is mainly about?

JD: The concept of our show is mostly about the lifestyle and drama privileged youth's endured while residing in Vancouver, and trust me Vancouver is FULL of drama. Whether it's the drama that goes on in relationships or between our cast members

iRH: The show will also include your other two friends Frankie Cayun and Craig Fobourt, can you tell us a bit about them?

JD: Our other two cast members include Francesca (Frankie) Cayun and Craig Fobourt. Frankie is a great friend and is someone you can always rely on, no matter what she has your back! But watch out if you get on her bad side you will see a whole other side of Frankie Cayun. Craig is a friend who I have recently just met through Jhordan prior to the show. He is a great guy with the most caring personality but when the sun goes down... and no, he does not turn into a werewolf (laughs), but he releases his wild side and is ready to make the best out of every party, his presence could turn a senior bingo night into something you will never even experience in Vegas! There is no one else I would ever turn to when I want to have a wild night of getting rock bottom (my trademark saying for getting extremely drunk) than Craig.

iRH: Can you tell us if Ronnie Negus will make any cameo appearances?

JD: Ronnie most likely will make a cameo appearance on our show, when we showed her the teaser she LOVED it!

iRH: According to reports the name of the show will be “The North Shore”. Can you confirm this?

JD: While there are two names still being debated for the title of this new show, I can confirm “The North Shore” is one of them. Personally I don't think this will be it as it is too close to “The Jersey Shore”. I am sure the other title will be released or leaked soon (laughs)

iRH: Rumors are circulating that the show will most likely air on MTV Canada, and possibly MTV USA, can you confirm this?

JD: There has been some interest by MTV for the network for the show to air on but I cannot release further information at this time.

iRH: Is the show being filmed in Canada only, or will you be filming outside of Canada as well?

JD: We have done most of our filming in Canada for the pilot but as we begin to shoot the season I am sure we will be filming in some other countries.

iRH: Any inside scoop you can tells us on what’s to expect on the show?

JD: Viewers can expect to see a lot of drama speculate on the show as well as some crazy partying mixed between relationships and what it's like to live a privileged lifestyle.

iRH: Was it hard having cameras following everywhere?

JD: At first having a camera crew around me at all times was a little nerve rattling. By the end of the first day I was able to forget that they were there and by the end of the weak I forgot I was wired up at times and said some pretty nasty things on camera about some people. At the end of the day shooting reality TV is like buying a new pair of shoes, at first there a little uncomfortable until you break them in.

iRH: Are you still currently filming the show?

JD: Currently we are just working on wrapping up the pilot.

iRH: Any idea when the 1st episode (pilot) will air?

JD: My guess we are hoping the pilot will air sometime in the beginning of September.

iRH: I’ve watched the two teaser trailers of the show, are we going to expect to see more promos in the next upcoming weeks?

JD: The two teasers were meant for the viewers to meet the cast members. More promo clips will be coming in the next few weeks... Stay tuned guys

iRH: My favorite line from the trailer is what you said and I quote “We aren’t alcoholics, alcoholics go to meetings” do you still feel the same way (laughs)?

JD: When I said "We aren't alcoholics, alcoholics go to meetings" I meant to add in meetings are for quitters (laughs). It's just a joke I like to tell my parents if they try and confront me about drinking too much. I handle my liquor well, there's always a time and a place to party and have fun... and no that is not everyday guys even though viewers may be thinking that.

iRH: What is your favorite mix drink or alcohol beverage and why?

JD: My favorite drink has to be Molson Canadian Cold Shots there’s a small strong beer that is extremely refreshing. My favorite mix drink would have to be a refreshing Mojito.

iRH: Since you enjoy to party, what type of music do you enjoy the most to dance to?

JD: When I party I like to dance to everything from Country to Top 40 except for metal but the music has to be up beat and not depressing.

iRH: For someone as young as you, you have achieved some success, are you also looking to break into other business ventures?

JD: Apart from the show I am a very truly dedicated business man. I come from a family full of successful entrepreneurs and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Overall my business goal is to become independently successful without any help from my family and make my own mark in this world.

iRH: What are your expectations of the show? Are you hoping it opens other opportunities?

JD: I really think viewers will enjoy it, the show has a little bit of everything to it. Who knows maybe this show will open new doors to other things, we will see what happens.

iRH: If you have the compare this show to other reality shows, which one would you compare it to?

JD: If I had to compare our show to another reality TV show it would have to be a mixture of two, The Jersey Shore and Laguna Beach.

iRH: What scares you the most about doing reality TV, do you have any fears about it?

JD: What I was scared most about perusing reality TV was that I would be portrayed in a negative way which could eventually ruin my business reputation

iRH: Do you watch any reality TV, if so which ones do you enjoy the most?

JD: I'm not really a huge fan of watching TV but if I do a fun reality show I like to watch is The Real Housewives of Vancouver just because it is funny to watch people you know like Ronnie on television.

iRH: I read somewhere that you had a relationship with Ashley Benson star from Pretty Little Liars, can you confirm this?

JD: Ashley and I are just friends. Nothing more

iRH: Are you currently single?

JD: At the moment I am currently single, when the right lady crosses my path I will be ready to settle down with someone.

iRH: For all the ladies out there, what type of girl are you most attracted to?

JD: I am mostly attracted to girls with a good sense of humor and that have a really good personality. Genuine caring girls are always a great catch for me

iRH: What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

JD: In my spare time I enjoy sports like wakeboarding, water skiing and hockey. I also like hanging out with my family and close friends.

iRH: Do you sponsor or support any type of charities, if so which one(s)?

JD: Currently I am on the committee for my Cousins charity called Face of Today. The charity has raised over 300,000 dollars in the last 4 years to support local underprivileged youths and give them opportunities of a life time. Recently we opened a recording studio so that these youth's who can’t afford to experience musical activities can.

iRH: Being a socialite in Canada, you must have some high profile friends; can you tell us which celebrity friends are you close too?

JD: The term Socialite is a little girly but yes I do have the opportunity to mingle with a lot of celebrities at high end functions in Vancouver. Over the years I have made great relationships with Sophie Simmonds, K'naan, and Ashley Benson and was privileged enough to have dinner with Usher in regards to pairing Face of Today with his charity, The New Look Foundation. Usher is an unreal guy and is someone I have looked up to all my life, this opportunity is something I will cherish forever.

iRH: What are some of your favorite vacation spots you enjoy the most in Europe and in the US?

JD: My favorite vacation spots would have to be Monaco, Maui, Newport Beach, Phoenix, Miami and of course Las Vegas!

iRH: Name one thing about yourself that you like the most?

JD: One thing I like the most about my self is that I always put others in front of me when it comes to helping people.

iRH: Name one thing about yourself that you dislike the most?

JD: One thing I dislike the most about me is that I am too generous. I like to see smiles on peoples faces even if that means buying them an extravagant gift. This is no way to build proper relationships with girls and or friends as some people become too reliant on it and take advantage of me.

iRH: Tell us something about yourself that might surprises us?

JD: When my mindset is right I am able to accomplish anything life throws at me.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

JD: Something I would like to say to my fans is that you guys are all awesome, thanks for the support and always be true to yourself! Hope you guys enjoy the show

Twitter: @JeevanDoman follow me guys to be updated about the show :)

You can view the teaser trailers here:

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Teaser 2

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