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Music Mondays: iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Mr. Skulley

Mr. Skulley, the music genius behind Dana Wilkey’s “25,000” hit talks about working with RHOBH star, his life, new projects and more in this exclusive interview with iRealHousewives

iRH: Hi Will aka Mr Skulley, Welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you today?

Skulley: Doing great, It’s been a fun and busy day!

iRH: Can I call you Will or Mr. Skulley? Which one do you prefer?

Skulley: Will or Skulley is fine.

iRH: Why did you choose "Mr Skulley" as your artist name? Is there a history with that name?

Skulley: Well, Sculley is my last name and it kinda stuck as an artist name.

iRH: Can you give my readers a background of yourself, where were you born, raised, etc.?

Skulley: Born in Beaumont, Texas and then to Austin, Texas where I moved in with my brother Patrick when I was 15 years old. I would have moved in sooner but my parents just wouldn’t allow it. Patrick ran a music studio in Austin that threw music festivals, so I was anxious to get out there to observe and enjoy. I moved to Long Beach in 2002 and fell in love with California. The last 3 years have been spent here in Hollywood.

iRH: What were your musical influences as a kid?

Skulley: Biggest influences would have to be the Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Moby and Timo Maas.

iRH: Has music always been a passion of yours?

Skulley: It definitely has been a big part of my life from a young age. My brother Patrick gave me a Korg drum machine when I was 12. I thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. I spent so much time on it just couldn't put it down. But, music is such a special thing for me because it has helped me in many ways as life takes its turns. I think a lot of people can tie a specific song to different points in their life, like a soundtrack. That’s amazing.

iRH: At what time in your life did you decide to pursue music professionally?

Skulley: Very young, but to make music your profession can be difficult. It's a tough industry in general and you have to work on your network as hard as you work on your craft it seems. I’ve only been able to produce music full time for about a year.

iRH: Did you had any struggles getting where you are now?

Skulley: Oh yeah! Every time a hard drive goes down it’s a disaster. (Laughs) No, but there has been a few incidents that have produced serious challenges along the way. The one that stands out was a robbery at our Austin Studio. I think about $80,000 worth of studio gear was heisted in less than an hour from our home studio. A lot of people lost their investment that day and the team kinda fell apart. It was like hitting the reset button on something you had been working very hard on.

iRH: You are a music producer, DJ and songwriter. What do you enjoy the most doing amongst the three?

Skulley:Why pick one when they all complement each other so well?

iRH: The music you produce it's usually pop, dance/electronica. What attracts you to this style of music?

Skulley: I have always loved producing dance music but these days the line between pop and dance/electronica has been blurred. So you have some of the best electronica producers making pop charts. As simple as a pop song may seem, the production that goes into these records can be extremely detailed. There is an art to making something so simple. I know that probably sounds crazy but it’s true.

iRH: Do you see yourself in the future producing and working on other music genres i.e., Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, etc?

Skulley:Absolutely. I’m just a sucker for good music. But I’m always going for something new or different with an artist. Who knows maybe the next one will be a Electronic-Country record with a rapper on it. (Laughs)

iRH: Most of us know you from your music collaboration with RHOBH star Dana Wikley. Did you know Dana before collaborating with her?

Skulley:I didn't. A mutual friend introduced us when she had the idea of doing a song. Dana was a blast right from the start.

iRH: Where did the idea of "25,000" began?

Skulley: With the sunglasses right? No, I think that one was Dana's idea.

iRH: How was your experience working with Dana?

Skulley: Like I said she is a blast. I definitely have developed a lot of respect for that gal since working together. She's very clever and not afraid to go get what she wants, and she throws great parties…We have to get you on the list for one.

iRH: You better add me to the list for the next party (laughs). How long did it take you to complete the track?

Skulley: Not long. It took me a couple days to produce the instrumental. I had it mixed, mastered and released exactly 2 weeks after recording vocals. What's funny was we shot from the hip on lyrics and the male voice on the bridge is actually my manager Brand as he was goofing off on the mic with Dana during the session.

iRH: Have you ever seen RHOBH prior of collaborating with Dana?

Skulley: I definitely knew of the show but had never watched an episode. Of course I YouTube a few clips on the way to our first meeting so when Dana asked I could assure her I’m a huge fan. No, it's a good show, I have definitely watched since.

iRH: I know you completed the "Official 25,000 Remix" when will it be released officially?

Skulley: Just yesterday actually! You can get it on iTunes now.

iRH: Any plans in the future working with Dana again on more songs?

Skulley: No, plans for more songs that I've heard about, but we had so much fun on this last track I’d love to work with her again.

iRH: You and Dana have both tweeted in the past about a possible music video for "25,000", is that still in the works?

Skulley: Yes, we had a few complications and are now working with a new producer for the video.,We'll be shooting next month and you will love what we have in store for you guys. It’s got a serious twist!

iRH: Will you be involved in the music video?

Skulley: I’ve seen the treatment but have to keep it hush hush. It is going to be really fun. Dana’s got a great sense of humor. I can’t say anymore or you’ll get me in trouble (laughs)

iRH: In the "Real Housewives" franchise, many of the ladies have released singles. Have you heard any of their songs?

Skulley: I think out of all the Real Housewives to release a song Dana Wilkey brought home the gold medal. But that’s just my opinion.

iRH: Out of all the "Real Housewives" who would like to collaborate with and why?

Skulley: I think Taylor Armstrong could pull one off what do you think?

iRH: Who is your dream artist to work with and why?

Skulley: Beyonce. She has some serious swag and a voice to back it up.

iRH: What do you enjoy the most of creating music?

Skulley: Working with so many talented people, it excels your own creativity. For example, I’ve been working with an amazing up and comer, Dani Walker. She’s 22 year old, was born to dance, and has a voice that’ll rock your soul. I love collaborating with top notch talent.

iRH: What type of music do you currently listen to?

Skulley: It definitely ranges but Calvin Harris is playing on Pandora at the moment

iRH: What type of advice would you give to any aspiring music producer or DJ who wants to break in the music business professionally?

Skulley: Get out there and do it! Hard work is what pays off. The internet has changed the industry for better and for worse but definitely creates a great outlet for independent artist to gain exposure. Also, don’t be so attached to your own music that you end up sabotaging yourself.

Producers, song writers and artist sometimes have a tendency to be so protective of their work that I've seen great songs find a spot on the shelf because of the smallest disagreements. It’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to sacrifice.

iRH: Do you have any new music coming up soon or collaborations in the works that you can tell us?

Skulley: Pussy Cat Doll's Kaya Jones is in the studio on Tuesday and recording a song that is scheduled for release on August 28th. It’s a great song and I’m very excited she wanted in on it.

I’ve also been putting an album together of my own tracks, which is super exciting! Can’t wait to release my own album, is still in the works but we’ll keep you posted on it for sure.

iRH: When you're not working what do you do on your free time?

Skulley: Unfortunately, there is not enough free time these days but deep down I’m a beach bum. I love the coast and love LA's music scene. The nightlife isn’t too shabby around here either

iRH: What's new for Mr. Skulley?

Skulley: The Mr Skulley Video Blog. It’s super cool and educational. We'll have recording sessions to view and “How To” videos for producers. You'll be the first to know when it launches.

iRH: Any final thoughts you would like to add?

Skulley: Only that I really enjoyed our interview. Thank you for supporting our release with Dana!

iRH: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Skulley: I always appreciate the support and tweets and always promise my best work on each and every song.

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Purchase '25,000' feat. Dana Wilkey on iTunes here

Purchase '25,000' Official Remix feat. Dana Wilkey on iTunes here

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