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Caroline Stanbury And Husband Sergio Carrallo Feud With ‘RHODubai’ Co-Star Lesa Milan On Twitter — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

Caroline Stanbury and her husband Sergio Carrallo got into a social media feud with fellow Real Housewives of Dubai co-star Lesa Milan

It all kicked off when Stanbury and her husband seemingly slammed Milan's husband's career after he mocked the former Ladies of London star for being an influencer in her 40s. The newlywed couple also slammed Lesa's business. 

Sergio tweeted, "So many comments about how my wife treats me etc  .. this is just a show and i am extremely happy with my wife @C_Stanbury. She is absolutely an incredible person with a beautiful heart and she makes me extremely happy! Keep watching 😉 It gets worse … maybe.."

He continued, "Everyone is focusing on why my wife is a 50..sorry 46 “influencer“ living her best life..while nobody is asking any questions about the RICH NUMBER ONE FINANCIER IN THE UAE 😂 Good luck mate #RHODubai Jealousy from a man to someone else wife is very cheap.. 
@BravoTV @C_Stanbury."

Stanbury then tweeted, "hmmmm rich 😂 really this is brilliant @QNBGroup apparently you have competition with one of the house husbands he’s the Number one in middle east #RHODubai."

To which Carrallo replied, "Oops .. i think you have a problem 🤷‍♂️ #RHODubai"

Meanwhile, Caroline tweeted, "lol let’s look at what he does for a living shall we …."

Caroline continued to throw shade at Milan. She tweeted, "if your so rich why on earth do you need to use ice cubes in your pool ? i have a heater chiller in my new home #RHODubai."

She continued by coming for Lesa's husband. "the number one financier in the Middle East," she wrote. "Let me google."

Stanbury then tweeted, "and i am 46 @caroline_dubai aren’t the other girls in the show in their 40 s …."

Sergio then came for Lesa and claims that a friend of his and wife was the one who founded Milan's maternity business. 

He wrote, "I am looking for some maternity clothes.. Oh, i know the biggest in the world.. started by Mina.. 😂😂 And … again they got called in a lie #RHODubai  Actually our friend funded your “”8 figures “” bussiness. #comingout Not even ranked lol @BravoTV."

He continued, "Let’s talk about who reached out for whos hand? It’s certainly wasn’t me but listen, I understand it can get hot.. so anytime i am here 🤗 #RHODubai"

Sergio then tweeted, "Well i was just literally there and your hand slowly holds mine. Not me .. #RHODubai  😬"

To which Caroline responded by tweeting, "let’s see who reached out for who ! and nothing happened under a table let’s be clear #RHODubai."

Caroline then continued by shading Lesa and her husband. 

She tweeted, "when my company was doing 8 figures we had over 60 employees factories distribution and investors not just me and one assistant 😑 #RHODubai i also know the guy who started it with them very well 😬"

However, Lesa decided to clap back at the couple and did not hold back. She responded to Stanbury's tweet, "@ me next time girl! My company made its first million (dollars not dirhams in 2016), we ship from a warehouse, have over 25 staff directly employed by Mina Roe. No one started this company with us and we don’t have any partners- built from ground up on our own!"

Lesa then called out Caroline while slamming Sergio in the process. "Caroline Stanbury stay in your tax bracket! Worry about your husband’s racist tweets and all the fake Richard Mille watches he wears on the show - don’t worry about me! @C_Stanbury"

To which Stanbury responded, "let’s hope your paying yours on your 8 figure business ? #RHODubai."

Lesa then called out Sergio for not addressing the resurfaced tweets of him using a racial slur in the past. 

Lesa tweeted, "Is Sergio trying to distract us from those racist tweets? We didn’t forget… waiting on that “apology”! Get a job, I would offer you one, but it takes more than being a sugar baby to work for Mina Roe! #StayOutOfWowensBusiness."

Lesa continued, "Where was this energy 5 days ago when they watched the episode 😴 - publicity stunt? Or she must be drunk … again!"

Lesa then responded to Sergio's tweet about her business. She tweeted, "Sergio! Happy to send you some maternity and post pregnancy wear if/ when your new baby comes! We know you’ll be the one wearing it."

Sergio responded, "Oh, thank you. I will take them with pleasure or we can meet in “your factory “ not sure if possible."

Sergio concluded by tweeting the following message: "#RHODubai  Me and my “ 50 years old influencer “ are the strongest and happiest we’ ve been. So good luck trying to destroy us. My honey, my for ever @C_Stanbury."

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal (2); Courtesy via Caroline Stanbury/Instagram