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Jennifer Davis Long Is ‘Grateful’ She Got Demoted On ‘RHOD’ Because She Didn’t Want Bravo Filming Her Divorce Drama; Says “Everything Worked Out For The Best”

Jennifer Davis Long may be a 'friend of' the Real Housewives of Dallas cast this season but the fiery redhead beauty is glad about her reduced role. 

Davis Long, who was originally cast in a full-time role, decided to step down as she wanted privacy due to her messy divorce drama. The model turned realtor wanted to protect her family, her daughter especially, from having the drama aired on the show.

"I didn't even know if because of that, I was going to get asked to leave," Davis revealed during a recent appearance on David Yontef's podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope, according to The Things. "But, somehow, everything worked out for the best. It came down to there were some things going on in our lives that we didn't want to share with the public."

"We decided for this year, we're not going to let the cameras come home with us. Now, the future is not set, you know, who knows what's going to happen then? But just for this year, we wanted to, you know, look out for, for our family."

Jenn noted that the divorce got messy only because they were both deeply hurting. Despite the spilt, Jenn adds that her ex will always be family as they continue to co-parent. 

"Because even when you're not married to someone there's still family. I mean, you're co-parenting and you know, and divorce is not easy."

"It was very painful. It was very hard, death of a dream, but I was very grateful for Bravo allowing me to stay on and be (a) friend of and participate, participate as much as I did."

As for her demotion, she added, "Anyone who knows me in person knows I'm the opposite of boring. I'm very feisty. And it was a good decision this season to not let the cameras come into my home to protect my family. And I am so grateful."


Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal