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Hanna Kinsella Says ‘RHOCheshire’ Season 12 Finale “Takes The Crown For The Most Dramatic Dinner Party I’ve Ever Seen”

Hanna Kinsella is sharing details about the "very dramatic" dinner party that will air on the upcoming season 12 finale episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

"The big one is the dinner party which is episode 11," she told Closer. "WOW, I think that takes the crown for the most dramatic dinner party I've ever seen."

When we asked if the dinner event would be a "won't make it past the starters" affair, Hanna simply replied, "Yeah, exactly."

Hanna also reveals she deals with the drama since joining the series back in 2018. 

"Now it's almost - I don't want to say funny, because it's not funny when it's all kicking off, but I feel like I can disengage from it a bit more and look at it from the outside in and go, 'Actually, this is just a really pathetic argument and I'm sure in a couple of days everyone's going to chill out and see how pathetic it is.' "

She added, "I've become a lot more objective rather than getting really sucked into it." 

When asked if she's willing to film the birth of her first child for the series, Hanna said, "I think if the producers had it their own way they'd be bloody [in the delivery room] with a camera."

Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal