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Hanna Kinsella Explains Why She Won’t Allow RHOCheshire Cameras Film The Birth Of Her First Child!

Hanna Kinsella is sharing an update on her pregnancy and reveals whether or not she’ll be open about filming the birth of her child for an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Hanna says “it’s been harder in a way because I get tired easily, as there is a lot of standing around,” she told OK! UK.

Hanna also shared if her baby will make its debut on the ITVBe hit reality series. “Martin and I are very open on the show and it follows your everyday life.”

“We have our families on there and so it feels right to show a bit of baby,” she shared. “We’ve not thought that far ahead, but I think the baby will make a little appearance at some stage.”

While the professional dentist is open to her baby making a future appearance on RHOCheshire, she made it clear that she will not film the birth as part of the show.

“If the producers had their way they would have cameras at the business, end! They start filming the next series mid the late January, so you’ll see me absolutely massive, ready to pop.”

She continued, “But I’ve said, “Strictly no cameras in the birthing room, please.”

Kinsella is, however, happy that the show is documenting her pregnancy. “It’s so nice – it’s like a home video on the ITV hub.”

Do Hanna and Martin want more kids? “Martin and I would love a big family. Growing up it was just me and my brother and I always wanted more siblings.”

She added, “We’ll see how we go. Everyone says, “Wait until you have the first to see what you think because it’s not easy.””  

Photo Credit: Hanna Kinsella/Instagram