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NeNe Leakes Says Tamar Braxton “Is Getting The Proper Help” She Needs After Alleged Suicide Attempt!

NeNe Leakes shared an update on Tamar Braxton after her alleged suicide attempt. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed that she’s checked in with Braxton since the incident. “When you are a strong person, you manage stress differently,” Leakes wrote on Instagram.

“People tend to judge the outside Strength on the inside abilities to cope! A lot of strong people cry in the dark and hurt alone.

“I talk to Tamar often,” she continued. “Spoke to her yesterday and tried to pull her thru this moment. Spoke to her and David [Braxton’s boyfriend] today! I say that to say this…check on your strong friends! Try not to judge so much! know that there are people being treated wrong for real and It’s really painful. I know Tamar is gonna get thru this but please pray for her strength.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Leakes revealed that she and the Braxton have “been dealing with a lot of different issues.”

“I was trying to be her support system and she was being my support system,” Leakes said, adding, “Tamar is now getting the proper help that she needs. I am going to let her talk to you guys when she's able to talk to you guys.”

Reiterating what she wrote on her Instagram post the day before, the Bravo star explained that when someone is a strong person they cope with stress and issues differently.

“I have dealt with so much lately,” she expressed, adding that the Black Lives Matter movement “has helped me in so many ways.” “If I told you the way I was being treated, in a certain way, you would probably not believe it. Same with Tamar, you would probably not believe it.”

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She continued that sometimes a person has no other choice but to accept how they are being negatively treated and “that has been happening for her and for myself.”

While she wouldn't share details, Leakes said that people will find out soon, stating that there is “a lot of stuff” people don't know about Braxton amid her hospitalization, according to ET. “She has been hurting,” she noted. “We both believe in the Lord and sometimes you need a human, a friend who you can lean on and trust. Really trust because trust is hard.”

“Please continue to support, you don't understand how difficult it is for a lot of us to speak out,” Leakes added.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram