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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Reveals RHOBH Season 10 Will Include “A Lot More” Than The Alleged Denise Richards & Brandi Glanville Hookup Drama; Says “There’s So Many Different Caveats To What’s Actually Created The Drama And The Rifts Between Some Of These Friendships”

Teddi Mellencamp reveals that the upcoming drama on the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will involve more than the alleged Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville hookup. “I think there’s so much that’s gone down that nobody knows because there’s been so much in the press which actually isn’t the issue,” she told HollywoodLife.

“That’s not even our business. It isn’t what you’re going to fully see on the show. There’s so many different caveats to what’s actually created the drama and the rifts between some of these friendships.” Teddi adds that “It’s a fair statement” that RHOBH fans don’t actually have it right as to what exactly goes down this season.

“I think there’s other explosions that happen and I think you start to see people. I think because everybody’s been a lot more open this year that there’s a lot more of people’s true colors coming out, over different things that you didn’t realize was the issue. You’re getting to the root of the issue why two people have a problem with one another or why there’s just constantly [movement] on the hamster wheel or whatever it may be. But yeah, there’s a lot of different things.”

While some of Denise’s RHOBH co-stars have said they don’t think she will show up for the show’s reunion after not taping with them since Dec. of 2019, but Teddi believes she will not only be there but be quick on her toes. “I think she’s had years and years of handling the press and years and years of experience being in the public eye and I don’t think that she will not show up. I think she’ll come prepared,” Teddi explains.

Photo Credit: Bravo