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Lisa Rinna Admits She ‘Hates’ Her RHOBH Season 10 Tagline And Wants Bravo To Change It To The One She ‘Wanted’

Lisa Rinna is not that fond of her taglines for the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her taglines, which was revealed this week, which is “The secret to life? Dance like everyone is watching.”

But the actress created a yes or no poll via her Instagram Stories, asking her fans whether or not she should change her “dumbass” tagline, according to PEOPLE.

Rinna shared in a different post on her Instagram Story that she actually wanted her tagline to be “When people ask my sign? I say dollar.”

“Here's the tagline I WANTED. @Bravotv,” she wrote.

She continued, “Let's get them to change it to that! I hate mine.”

Rinna explained that “it fits perfectly because we go to Erika’s house and have our horoscope/signs read!”

She added, “Since we are in quarantine let’s all go to @bravotv and get my tag line changed to the ONE I LIKE!!!!! I’ve already recoded it they have it!”

Following Rinna's revelation, Brandon Fierman created a petition on writing, “Bravo chose one of the bland options Lisa Rinna has provided as a tagline for season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“As Lisa Rinna has been a driving force in the shows success and one of the only reasons I come back to watch season after season, I think Bravo TV should change her tagline to the one she prefers,” Fierman wrote.

“The option that Bravo chose is “The secret to life? Dance like everyone is watching. The tagline is not only lackluster and generic, but it does not key the viewer into Rinna’s true personality or what she brings to the show.”

Photo Credit: Bravo