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Tom Sandoval Thinks Jax Taylor Is On A ‘Smear Campaign’ Against Him; Says “He’s Trying To Slowly, Like, Peck Away At Who I Am As A Person”

Tom Sandoval is opening up about his issues with Vanderpump Rules co-star Jax Taylor. If you recall, Sandoval confronted Taylor about his response to his former pastor's controversial comments.

"You know, Jax being a friend of mine, I felt like I could come to him with some questions and concerns," Tom said during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, noting that he wasn't the only one with "some feelings about it and questions."

"When I pulled Jax aside for a question, which was just meant to be between me and him — just have that quick conversation and be done with — and then he gets up and, like, turns it into this whole thing." He continued, "It wasn't easy for me to ask Jax about that, especially knowing how reactive he can be. But I felt like it was very important to me to ask that question. To find out, to hear what he had to say, and it's unfortunate that I never got to hear it."

In January, Jax revealed that he now regrets having Tom be a part of his wedding during an interview with ET. "That was really heartbreaking to hear, and very hurtful," Tom said of Jax's comments. "It feels a little bit like a smear campaign. Because, when it did come to the wedding, I went — I feel like I went above and beyond to prove my worth and I also enjoyed doing it."

"I felt like I added to the experience. That's the one thing, I really wanted to add to the experience," he told Entertainment Tonight. "Whether it was making his wedding a much easier time, more fun experience, less stressful. I felt like I did that. I felt like I accomplished that goal. We had a lot of fun … we were in a really great place."

Tom teased that there may be more drama between him and Jax later this season. "He gets very reactive toward the end of our season," he added. "And because of that, now he's trying to justify that, I feel like. So, that's why when I say a 'smear campaign,' he's trying to slowly, like, peck away at who I am as a person, like my integrity."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo