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Lisa Oldfield Claims She Struggled Financially After Split With David Oldfield!

Lisa Oldfield is sharing new details about her life after calling it quits with husband David Oldfield. The Real Housewives of Sydney star claims she struggled financially as well as emotionally.

“When I found myself late last year facing a divorce with expensive legal fees and setting up a new home, I really didn’t know where to start,” she told “It was awful — all of a sudden I didn’t have a roof over my head, I didn’t know where I was going to live, and I was facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills and I never expected that to happen to me.”

“I’ve always had a career and made good money, but I’d never had to be responsible for the financial side — David always paid the bills and did the budget.”

Lisa said she and her two sons Bert and Harry were “lucky” to have moved in with her parents immediately after the breakup — a “luxury” many other women don’t have.

“I buried my head in the sand for the first month or two but the bills piled up — I was very lucky to have my parents’ emotional and financial support because my major asset — the family home — is frozen at the moment,” she explained. “We both had different skill sets — there was nothing untoward about it, nothing nefarious … but numbers bored me,” she added, saying in the past she preferred to spend her time outside of work hours with her kids rather than paying bills.”

“It was hard — I reached 44 and was never financially responsible before, so it was such a wake-up call,” she told

The former Foxtel reality star admits she had always been “very good at making money” but also “very good at spending it.”  She reveals that she always relied on David to “pay the utilities, mortgage, school fees”.

“The reality is that after my separation, if not for the support of my family, I would be in a seriously compromised financial position,” she said. “Without my dad, I’d be up Struggle Street trying to put a roof over our heads until the divorce is finalized.

“I feel sick every time I get hit with a $40,000 legal bill, but at the end of the day, I know it just means I’ve got to work harder.”

Photo Credit: Google Images, Foxtel