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Kelly Dodd Weighs In On Jim Edmonds Cheating Scandal!

Kelly Dodd is sharing her thoughts on the alleged cheating scandal surrounding Meghan King Edmonds' husband Jim. The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to the comment section of various Instagram pages where the subject was being reported, which Dodd shared her thoughts on the controversial topic and did not hold back at all.

"This is old news ..I said this on the reunion years ago," Kelly wrote.

After a user called her our for "not having compassion" for Meghan, Dodd fired back, writing the following: "I do have compassion .. did she have compassion for me at the reunion and write me nasty awful things to me.. she is staying with him what's the problem ?"

Kelly continued to defend herself from fans; "NO, he did this to her the first time around.. Do you know her?? Or me? Because I don't know you .."

She also wrote, "Was she heartless when she accused me of cheating?"

"Meghan came after me on the reunion years ago .. I have compassion for her of course . But this is old news .. I was wondering why us out now ??," she wrote. "I am sorry but ladies if you marry a man that has a history of cheating and a professional athlete your changes of him being faithful is very slim .. come on!!"

She continued: "I don't care whether I look good or not .. just wondering why this is news?? and she's staying with him .. so what's the problem .."

When a fan insisted that she should have compassion on someone who used to be her friend, Kelly simply responded back by saying: "She was never my friend."

Kelly also shared her thoughts on Twitter, after many fans of the Bravo hit reality series tagged on her tweets.

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Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images, Us Weekly